Attleboro High School’s Annual Spring Concert

Piano used for the Concert (Photo by/ Noman Khan)

Piano used for the Concert
(Photo by/ Noman Khan)

By: Noman Khan

The Attleboro High School (AHS) conducted its annual spring concert on Thursday, May 28, 2015 at the Robert H. Bray Auditorium. Performances included the AHS Concert Band, Jazz Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, Select Choir, and Mixed Chorus.

AHS hosts a spring concert every year with a new theme; this year’s theme was music from around the world.

“Students worked very hard for this concert as well as Music in the Parks, a festival last weekend. The entire music department would like to thank our graduating seniors and wish them well in the years to come,” said AHS band teacher Mr. Gary Hyman.

Hyman conducted most of the Mixed Chorus and Select Choir with the help of Mr. Christopher Bosch, who is a student teacher from Bridgewater State University.

“Students have been working on the music for this concert since January; a lot of hard work and effort was put in by each and every one of them,” said AHS band teacher Coralyn Grueb

Grueb conducted the Concert Band, Jazz Ensemble and Percussion Ensemble. There were a total of 30 student musicians playing in this year’s annual concert. Selections of the band section included “Russian Sailor’s Dance” and “Carrickfergus.”

“We work hard every single day to be 100 percent perfect unlike any other class; 90 percent accurate isn’t good enough,” said senior Hannah Harvey.

Many seniors have spent all of their high school years dedicated to the band and choir.

“We work hard at our rehearsals and prepare all year for our concerts to be a success,” said sophomore Kortnie Wheaton.

Many students really enjoy the concept of chorus and band because it allows a diverse group of people to come together as one and construct a musical concert. “Chorus is cool because it’s a wide variety of students; there’s always a little bit of everyone involved,” said senior Romaisa Khan.

“This was my last concert of my four years in this music department and I’m ecstatic to have spent it with the people who made me feel at home,” said senior Alexis Grassi.

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