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Senior Cookout

Photos by: Abigail DesVergnes

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Curry’s Amazing Season in Perspective


Steph Curry Screenshot

By: Kyle Murphy

Is Steph Curry the best basketball player? This is a question that many basketball fans have been debating. Everyone has a different opinion about this case, but if you look at Stephen Curry’s statistics, they prove his high stance.

Curry could be leading his team to another National Basketball Association (NBA) finals championship two years in a row.

During the 2015-2016 season, Steph Curry averaged 31.1 points per game (ppg), 6.7 assists per game (apg), and 5.4 rebounds per game (rpg). Throughout his career Curry has averaged 22.4 ppg, 6.9 apg , and 4.3 rpg. These are some very impressive stats for a young player who questionably still has not hit the peak of his career yet.

He is seen by many as one of the most respected players in the NBA, for being a very humble guy. There has been many NBA greats throughout the years but not many that have as many fans as Stephen Curry.

Not only did he win MVP two seasons in a row, Stephen Curry was the first player in the NBA for his humble qualities. Shaquille O’Neal and Lebron James were one vote shy of unanimous selections in 2000 and 2013. Curry is in a group of many respective leagues, as he joins Tom Brady and Wayne Gretzky to win unanimous MVPs.

Curry has shattered many NBA records. He beat his own old record for 286 three pointers made in a single season, and this season he made 402 three pointers. Many people are shocked how he already held the record and broke his own by over 100 three pointers.

On Monday, May 16, 2016, Curry broke Reggie Miller’s record for most consecutive three pointers made in the postseason. Monday marked the 45th straight postseason game with a three pointer made, according to Miller’s record from 2000 was 44 consecutive postseason games with a three pointer made.

Some Students that attend Attleboro High school (AHS) agree that Curry is going to be one of the best players of all time. AHS senior Jon Dunn said, “because of his season this year, Steph Curry deserved to win the MVP award, but I was still very surprised that he won it unanimously.”

AHS junior Kellen Jolly said,“ Steph has been unreal this year; he broke his own three point record and is playing unstoppable. There was no question he was winning MVP this year.”

Sports analysts and fans wonder if Curry’s best season is still yet to come since his stats are improving each year. If this is just the beginning, it will be scary to see how many records and titles Steph Curry will have at the end of his fantastic career.


Project Unite hosts the Attleboro School Day Games

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Opening Parade  Photo by: Jenna Berg

By: Jenna Berg


The Attleboro High School (AHS) 2016 Special Olympics was held last Thursday. This is the 28th annual Attleboro School Day Games, coordinated by AHS teacher and Project Unite leader, Mrs. Rebecca Halsey.

Special Olympics is funded by another popular school event, Polar Plunge- an event where students fundraise money and plunge themselves into the freezing ocean.

Students volunteer from AHS, Bishop Feehan High School (BFHS), and North Attleboro High School (NAHS) to form Project Unite. Volunteers raised money through Polar Plunge and asked friends and family members to sponsor them. All of the money raised funded the Special Olympics

The project is always successful, full of enthusiastic students who are always going all out for the themes during the plunge and games. Project Unite surpassed their goal of $18,000 this year alone with Polar Plunge, but there were also other ways of fundraising; AHS raised money through Senior Assassin, a game where seniors were allowed to eliminate each other with water guns.

Volunteers were required to wear a blue team shirt and to accent their outfits with red and yellow to accommodate the circus theme.

This year, over 650 athletes from 40 different groups participated in the games. There were about 300 hundred volunteers from AHS, BFHS and NAHS. This event was coordinated since September.

Athletes looked forward to this event all year, and the volunteers worked very hard to make it the best day for the participants.

Halsey said that her favorite part was working with the staff, and she loved seeing “the pieces coming together.” The Attleboro Day Games is a huge event that takes a lot of organized effort in order to run smoothly. This year’s event was the largest one yet.

Thursday’s weather was warm and sunny, a great day for the outdoor event. Volunteers arrived early and helped with the setting up. Everyone was festive in their colors with tutus, socks, bandanas, suspenders and clown noses or bow ties.
The parade began and finished before 10 a.m. All the schools and groups were welcomed with a big round of applause. Music was blasting through the speakers, and people were singing along, creating a fun and positive atmosphere.

When the parade finished, the games began. Groups rotated around like a clock. Athletes competed in turbo jav, the softball throw, long jump or any running events such as the hundred meter dash.

Athletes could also go to Olympic Town, an area dedicated to games. Volunteers ran everything such as a dunk tank and face painting. Food was also provided for all participants.

At each event, all the volunteers met the athletes, and were filled with excitement. No one was left behind; everyone who competed was given an award.

AHS sophomore and second time volunteer, Julia Hayes said, “It is wonderful to be a part of an eye opening event.” For the participants, it was very special to see how important the day meant to the athletes.

Abigail DesVergnes, an AHS junior, said her favorite part was the opening ceremony. DesVergnes also liked seeing the kids and how happy they were.

A BFHS student, Brad Nelson, volunteered for his first time this year with friends. He explained his favorite part of the day was “working with the kids.”

Kyle Johnson is an NAHS senior who volunteered and participated in Polar Plunge all four years, and was the awards coordinator the past two years. He felt that the athletes “didn’t always get as much recognition,” which is why his favorite part was awards.

AHS student and project unite coordinator, Hadley Porreca, described the event as “magical.” Porreca wanted to do everything she could to support their one day. All of the work that was put into it, was worth it.

The 2016 annual Attleboro School Day Games was a success. Volunteers are already looking forward to next year’s event.

School Leadership Saves the World


“Ban the Bag”   Photo by: Delaney Nisbet

By: Delaney Nisbet

During the day on Monday, Attleboro High School (AHS)’s School Leadership teacher Mrs. Rebecca Halsey, presented projects that the class hoped would save the world some day in the future. Multiple projects were out on display in the pit for students who passed by to see.

“We are trying to spread awareness with these projects, so that we can save the environment” said junior Cassidy Dias, who was a participant of the “Ban the Bag” presentation.

Ban the Bag has been an ongoing project created by senior Patrick Collins in order to ban plastic bags from being used. “The plastic bags are harming the environment because the animals tend to eat or swallow them, and the bags are killing them” said junior Kassandra Alves.

Other projects that were presented were anti-tobacco support for Special Olympics and against drug abuse. “We are really trying to get everyone around us aware of the issue at hand. The best way to start is within the schools,” said senior Samantha Spaziano who ran the Special Olympics table.

“The projects were a huge success and I’m so happy with how they came out,” said Senior Morgan Fulton who had been working on the project almost all year long. Ultimately, the School Leadership projects were a success with raising awareness.


Kerm Farewell Tour: Dos and Don’ts

By: Jonathan Kermah

Over my four years of attending Attleboro High School, I’ve learned plenty. Teachers have taught me the curriculum as well as life lessons that I will carry with me forever.

From my freshman year to my senior year, I have loved this school. I hope the upcoming freshman love it as well. Here is a list of advice for upcoming freshman at AHS:

Do: Make new friends.

Don’t: Be afraid to make new friends. Seriously, just do it. Over the course of your high school career, you will change as a person, and that means middle school friends might not stay in your life after all four years.

Do: Challenge yourself with harder classes. They look good on a college application and push more than you thought possible.

Don’t: Take more than you can handle. It becomes very hard to have time for yourself when four AP classes have assigned homework on the same day.

Do: Fill in every answer on AP exams.

Don’t: Write your essays in pencil on AP exams. Trust me.

Do: Write thank you notes to teachers that help you along the way; it’s a small gesture that just might make their day.

Don’t: Disrespect teachers. They want you to succeed, so there isn’t much reason.

Do: Take advantage of resources available at AHS, such as library books and after school help; it can really make a difference.

Don’t: Put off returning items such as books or sports uniforms. They will come back to haunt you if you lose them.

Do: Try new things such as sports, band, and other afterschool programs.

Don’t: Over extend yourself. In some classes students will receive plenty of schoolwork, and when that work is mixed in with a sport, job, and whatever else goes on in teen’s lives, it becomes pretty hard just to find a moment to breathe and enjoy yourself.

Do: Savor everything. Believe it or not, the four years will fly by and graduation will come sooner than expected.





Biker Allen, before he does a back flip off a ramp over Mr. Runey      Photo By: Ashley Liriano

By: Delaney Nisbet

On May 6, Attleboro High School (AHS) held an assembly that was supported by the National Guard. It featured a BMX group called “Bring Your A Game,” which showed students the five core “As” that all students should follow throughout their day.”

Alliance, Attitude, Authentic, Ability, Active, Anti-Bullying and Achieve.

The National Guard believes that these five As will be able to make students successful with things they hope to accomplish. “I want them to come back to AHS, they did the coolest tricks I have ever seen,” said sophomore Emma Humphrey.

To show a core A, the BMX group asked volunteers from the crowd to help one of the bikers perform a trick. Four students lay on the floor while Allan, one of the members, jumped over them. “I thought it was very cool and dangerous. That’s something I would never do,” said sophomore Julia Hayes about the stunts the group performed.

The National Guard members explained that they were able to help to pay for college in the future. They offer many assistance programs that help pay for college tuition. “I would definitely join the National Guard as long as they help me pay for college,” said sophomore Arianna Susi.

“I wish that seniors were allowed the opportunity to go to the assembly because I heard it was super cool” said senior Angelia Littig who wasn’t able to attend the event. Some  seniors said that they wished they were able to go to the assembly because some students like to feel involved with the school as well.