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Project Unite hosts the Attleboro School Day Games

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Opening Parade  Photo by: Jenna Berg

By: Jenna Berg


The Attleboro High School (AHS) 2016 Special Olympics was held last Thursday. This is the 28th annual Attleboro School Day Games, coordinated by AHS teacher and Project Unite leader, Mrs. Rebecca Halsey.

Special Olympics is funded by another popular school event, Polar Plunge- an event where students fundraise money and plunge themselves into the freezing ocean.

Students volunteer from AHS, Bishop Feehan High School (BFHS), and North Attleboro High School (NAHS) to form Project Unite. Volunteers raised money through Polar Plunge and asked friends and family members to sponsor them. All of the money raised funded the Special Olympics

The project is always successful, full of enthusiastic students who are always going all out for the themes during the plunge and games. Project Unite surpassed their goal of $18,000 this year alone with Polar Plunge, but there were also other ways of fundraising; AHS raised money through Senior Assassin, a game where seniors were allowed to eliminate each other with water guns.

Volunteers were required to wear a blue team shirt and to accent their outfits with red and yellow to accommodate the circus theme.

This year, over 650 athletes from 40 different groups participated in the games. There were about 300 hundred volunteers from AHS, BFHS and NAHS. This event was coordinated since September.

Athletes looked forward to this event all year, and the volunteers worked very hard to make it the best day for the participants.

Halsey said that her favorite part was working with the staff, and she loved seeing “the pieces coming together.” The Attleboro Day Games is a huge event that takes a lot of organized effort in order to run smoothly. This year’s event was the largest one yet.

Thursday’s weather was warm and sunny, a great day for the outdoor event. Volunteers arrived early and helped with the setting up. Everyone was festive in their colors with tutus, socks, bandanas, suspenders and clown noses or bow ties.
The parade began and finished before 10 a.m. All the schools and groups were welcomed with a big round of applause. Music was blasting through the speakers, and people were singing along, creating a fun and positive atmosphere.

When the parade finished, the games began. Groups rotated around like a clock. Athletes competed in turbo jav, the softball throw, long jump or any running events such as the hundred meter dash.

Athletes could also go to Olympic Town, an area dedicated to games. Volunteers ran everything such as a dunk tank and face painting. Food was also provided for all participants.

At each event, all the volunteers met the athletes, and were filled with excitement. No one was left behind; everyone who competed was given an award.

AHS sophomore and second time volunteer, Julia Hayes said, “It is wonderful to be a part of an eye opening event.” For the participants, it was very special to see how important the day meant to the athletes.

Abigail DesVergnes, an AHS junior, said her favorite part was the opening ceremony. DesVergnes also liked seeing the kids and how happy they were.

A BFHS student, Brad Nelson, volunteered for his first time this year with friends. He explained his favorite part of the day was “working with the kids.”

Kyle Johnson is an NAHS senior who volunteered and participated in Polar Plunge all four years, and was the awards coordinator the past two years. He felt that the athletes “didn’t always get as much recognition,” which is why his favorite part was awards.

AHS student and project unite coordinator, Hadley Porreca, described the event as “magical.” Porreca wanted to do everything she could to support their one day. All of the work that was put into it, was worth it.

The 2016 annual Attleboro School Day Games was a success. Volunteers are already looking forward to next year’s event.





Biker Allen, before he does a back flip off a ramp over Mr. Runey      Photo By: Ashley Liriano

By: Delaney Nisbet

On May 6, Attleboro High School (AHS) held an assembly that was supported by the National Guard. It featured a BMX group called “Bring Your A Game,” which showed students the five core “As” that all students should follow throughout their day.”

Alliance, Attitude, Authentic, Ability, Active, Anti-Bullying and Achieve.

The National Guard believes that these five As will be able to make students successful with things they hope to accomplish. “I want them to come back to AHS, they did the coolest tricks I have ever seen,” said sophomore Emma Humphrey.

To show a core A, the BMX group asked volunteers from the crowd to help one of the bikers perform a trick. Four students lay on the floor while Allan, one of the members, jumped over them. “I thought it was very cool and dangerous. That’s something I would never do,” said sophomore Julia Hayes about the stunts the group performed.

The National Guard members explained that they were able to help to pay for college in the future. They offer many assistance programs that help pay for college tuition. “I would definitely join the National Guard as long as they help me pay for college,” said sophomore Arianna Susi.

“I wish that seniors were allowed the opportunity to go to the assembly because I heard it was super cool” said senior Angelia Littig who wasn’t able to attend the event. Some  seniors said that they wished they were able to go to the assembly because some students like to feel involved with the school as well.

Then There was One…


The Donald                                      Snapshot

By: Abigail DesVergnes

In the past two weeks, Republican candidates John Kasich and Ted Cruz dropped out of the presidential race, after the billionaire businessman, Donald Trump, swept the primary, defeating the two candidates by over 50 percent.

This leaves the Republicans with only one representative in which a number of voters refuse to support.

The Hill released a report on the names of 99 Republicans that refuse to support Trump including House Speaker Paul Ryan who said, “I’m just not ready to do that at this point. I’m not there right now.”

It seems that there is now a divide between Republican voters and the Republicans in Washington D.C, and Trumps anti- political correctness has gained the support of many.

“I think the big problem this country has is being politically correct. I’ve been challenged by so many people and I don’t, frankly, have time for total political correctness. And to be honest with you, this country doesn’t have time, either,” said Trump in a Fox News interview with Anchor Megyn Kelly.

The polls predict that in November, the race will come down to Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton and Trump, but Vermont senator Bernie Sanders isn’t backing down.

“Finally, let us understand that when we stand together, we will always win. When men and women stand together for justice, we win. When black, white and Hispanic people stand together for justice, we win,” said Sanders in a Democratic debate.

Trump’s remarks about “crooked Hillary” are expected to get worse as the presidential race continues on. Both candidates have past issues that are continuing to haunt them: Trump’s tax returns and Hillary’s email controversy.

In the weeks to come, voters should keep in mind that one of these candidates will be the next president and should stay clear of the chaos – although it will be difficult.






Views Delivers Everything and More

Views artwork

Views Album Artwork (Screenshot By: Jonathan Kermah)

By: Jonathan Kermah and Junior Coca

Views  is an emotional ride through Drake’s hometown of Toronto, which he refers to as “the 6.” The album was surrounded by a lot of hype, and it delivered. It is his best work as an artist so far, seeing that it is a 20 song masterpiece.

What makes the album so special is the diversity of sounds – Drake really shows off his versatility. “Grammys,” featuring artist Future, has a trap sound similar to the sound of their mixtape What a Time to Be Alive while “Redemption” has a softer R&B sound, similar to his album Take Care. “Controlla” and “One Dance” have an entirely different style than what has been released by him before.

“Controlla” is another dance floor favorite with its similar Caribbean style beat to his recent hit “One Dance” and his feature on Rihanna’s “Work.” Drake talks about his love for a woman and basically says he would do anything for her so she controls him. This is made clearer in the hook of the song “I think I’d lie for you/ I think I’d die for you,” sings Drake.

While “Controlla” is a song to dance to, “Redemption” is a song to cry to, being the hip hop equivalent of a power ballad depicting Drake pouring out his soul. While blending his ability of singing and rapping, Drake brings a new wave of emotion in every line, with the most powerful line of the song being toward the end when he references Take Care in saying, “Since Take Care, I’ve been caretakin.”  The clever play on words is showing how Drake has been there for those who need it, but no one is there for him.

“U with Me?” is an emotional song on the album, wherein Drake wants to know what this girl’s real intentions are. This is made clear in the hook of the song, “It’s like a lot of games are being played how’s it going down?” Climbing up the top of the music charts, Drake’s old flows are bringing back listeners that support his verse “I made a career off reminiscin.”

Drake isn’t the only one deserving credit on the album; the producers (mainly Noah “40” Shebib) deserve credit as well. Shebib creates a more aggressive type of sound in “9,” combining a hard hitting drum beat with a sample from “Dying” by David Brooks, while in “Feel No Ways,” Jordan Ullman does just the opposite in creating retro soft pop sound with what sounds like a heavily synthesized beat. Like Drake, Views shows his production team’s versatility as well.

In “Weston Road Flows” Shebib samples Mary J. Blige’s 90’s R&B song “Mary’s Joint” and adds a few minor tweaks to the drumming. In the song, Drake reminisces back to the humble beginnings of growing up in the 6 like in the line “Back when we couldn’t buy pizza cause we were down to pennies,” and how things have changed with arguably the best lines in the song, “Shout out to KD we relate we get the same attention/It’s rainin’ money, Oklahoma City Thunder/The most successful rapper 35 and under.”

There are very few things to find dislikable in the album. Some “Drake haters” may complain about the number of “soft” songs in the album, but Drake uses real emotion in his music. No one can be aggressive and angry 24/7, and that’s what Drake shows. The only real issue with the album is the inclusion of 2015 summer single “Hotline Bling” instead of the single “Summer Sixteen.” Besides the minor flaw, the album might be as close to perfect as possible. Views deserves five out of five stars.



Mother’s day gift ideas

mother's day

Screenshot by: Ashley Liriano  

By: Ashley Liriano

Mother’s day is right around the corner, daughters and sons are trying to figure out what to give their mother for the special day. Now there is no longer a problem because a list of ideas to help inspire everyone that is looking for a perfect gift for their mom.

This is a day to celebrate moms, so why not give them something that they love? Food, for example, like giving her a gift bag filled with her favorite treats along with a gift card, or giving her reservations to a spa are great.

Mother’s day isn’t all about gifts, though, there are other things that people can do to for their mothers – like making her breakfast or cleaning the whole house to let her know that everything she has done is appreciated. Perhaps you could write her a short story of a memorable moment that was shared between the both of you, these are great ideas to let mom know that she hasn’t been forgotten for everything that she has done.

If none of that seems like nothing that would be something that would make the perfect mother’s day present, than just make her an original happy mother’s day card because no one can ever go wrong with a homemade card. Most importantly, just let mom know that she is loved because that’s all a mother really wants.







Twenty88 Blends Two Sounds to Make Something New


Twenty88(screenshot by: Jonathan Kermah)

By: Jonathan Kermah

Twenty88 is a collaboration project between Rapper Big Sean and R&B artist Jhenè Aiko. Twenty88 also functions as the name of the duo. The two artists have collaborated previously on Big Sean’s songs “Beware” and “I Know.” The chemistry between the two artists is what makes the album so powerful.

Often when artists collaborate, it feels as if it favors one artist’s style with a small addition from the other. In Twenty88 however, Sean and Aiko blend their styles to create a whole new beautiful sound. This isn’t a Big Sean song with Aiko used in the hook, nor is it a Jhenè Aiko R&B album with a Big Sean rap feature.

Listeners receive the best of both worlds. Sean’s classic punch line style is sprinkled throughout the album with lyrics like “you get carried away like you wearing wedding dresses,” in “London Bridge” and “You got these people inside our business/ Like U and I is” in “Talk Show.” Aiko brings her beautifully smooth R&B voice to the table as well.

 From rekindling a flame with an ex partner in the opening track “Déjà Vu” to breakups in the final track “London Bridge,” the album focuses on the ups and downs of relationships. Cheating, sex, arguing and making up are all topics addressed in Twenty88.

“Talk Show” is the most unique track of the album, opening with applause and a host introduction emulating the intro of a talk show. Throughout the song there is a combination of dialogue, singing and rapping all intertwined to create the story of a couple arguing on stage and airing their dirty laundry. By the end of the song, the couple realizes their relationship isn’t about others opinion, instead it is about their love for each other. In Sean’s final verse he says, “I’m tired of fronting for these people who ain’t got our back/ ‘Cause to them it’s all entertainment/ And they not looking at us like we real people.”

A Marvin Gaye R&B/Soul sound can be heard in “Push it” and “2 Minute Warning.” Both songs are “get into the mood” type songs and focus on love and intimacy. Aiko delivers one of the most intimate lines in “Push It” when she says, “I think I can see my life in your eyes/I think you got everything that I like.”

By incorporating elements of hip hop, R&B, and a hint of soul, there are parts of Twenty88 that many will enjoy. There are a total of eight songs and none should be skipped. The album’s uniqueness is what makes it so special and is deserving of four out of five stars

Drake, Pop Style and One Dance Review

By: Junior Coca

Rapper Aubrey Graham, known as Drake, released two new songs yesterday on April 5, 2016, “Pop Style” (feat.The Throne) and “One Dance” (feat. Wizkid & Kyla). Drake has surprisingly dropped both of these songs as singles, so they will probably not be on his upcoming album Views from the 6; which is expected to release this month.

“Pop Style” is a Jamaican slang term meaning “balling” or “showing off.” In this song Drake promotes his lifestyle of having lots of money and being in the popular culture. He name- checks Channing Tatum while at the same time flaunting his chains in the verse “Got so many chains they call me Chaining Tatum.”

Rappers Jay Z and Kanye West hop on this track collaborating with Drake under the title of, “The Throne.” Although Jay Z only has two lines, Kanye adds some flare to the song by bringing back the infamous “I’mma let you finish but….” line from his 2009 confrontation at the Video Music Awards with Taylor Swift.

The other single “One Dance” sums up what drake has released in the past couple of months. This song will make fans want to stand up and move with a Caribbean style beat. Undoubtedly, this song will be the “go to” for the dance floor but Drake is also proving that he can be versatile in the studio while still maintaining his old love-based lyrics.

With his first album of 2016 right around the corner, Drake looks to top the music industry, with the release of these two singles, he has put himself in a good position. “Pop Style” deserves four and a half out of five stars while “One Dance” deserves five out of five stars. Check these songs out on Apple Music.