Meet the AHS Editors

Meet the senior editors for the Eagle’s Eye for the 2015-2016 school year and learn why they love Journalism.

Kerm Suit

Senior Editor Jonathan Kermah

I love journalism because I can write about pretty much anything I want. I enjoy writing about sports, music, and what goes on around AHS. I plan to major in journalism in college and go onto being a sports writer, preferably an NBA beat writer


Senior Editor Keegan Douglass

I find a certain level of freedom that comes with taking journalism. One is able to write and/or discuss various subjects that appeal most to his/her interests. It is, very much, an outlet to express your interests and inform others on topics that they may have not researched in the past.



Editor Hunter Wain

 I like journalism because I’m able to write about things that I may be doing around the school but also things that I like the most. It informs people on what’s going on around the school. In journalism class the discussions that we have are really cool because everyone is expressing their opinion. You’re able to say what you’re thinking. Also, journalism is a good skill to have while in college!



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Editor Prowo Kinkoue-Poufong

 Journalism is just a different experience overall. You have so much creative freedom and a lot of opportunity to express your views and feelings. Writing always mean more to you when it’s something you genuinely are interested in.

abby selfie

Editor Abigail DesVergnes

Journalism is such a key aspect in our society. As a journalist, it’s an amazing feeling to inform our school about interesting and important information. As technology continues to advance, I’m excited to see the transformations within this field. One of the most rewarding parts of Journalism is being able to communicate with others, gather information and most importantly, tell a story, maybe even one that can make a difference.


Editor Jade Ford


Journalism is a very independent class that’s also has the aspects of teamwork among students. I like having more free range with my school work because it gives me the responsibility I need as well as the space I need to let my creativity roam free, and this is what Journalism gives me. Journalism isn’t really just a class to me it’s more of a helpful hobby.



Editor Junior Coca

Journalism in my eyes is a huge stress reliever. It gives me the same relief as the soccer ball does when it touches my foot but instead it is in the classroom when my fingers hit the keyboard.  Journalism gives me the ability to transfer my thoughts to the screen without having to hold back what actually goes through my mind and that’s why I see it as one of the better classes at AHS.




Editor Ashley Liriano


Journalism gives writers the freedom to write about topics that are affecting people around the world. Writers get to inform people about what is going on in everyone’s daily lives. The class gives writers a sort of independence, an opportunity to write about what’s important to teens. The course helps hone writing skills including those not learned in English class such as objectivity.

IMG_0302 (1)

Editor Menappe Kinkoue-Poufong


I chose to take Journalism because it gives me a forum to write about topics I’m interested in and to bring awareness to controversial issues that aren’t given much coverage. In journalism, everyone’s opinion is valued and our creativity is allowed to flourish.

Bucket Hat

Editor Mykaela Bell


Freedom in school, this is cool. That’s how I feel about journalism. It gives me freedom to be creative and still work with people. It is beneficial for me because of the social aspects, like talking to people about topics of interest. It helps me think and will be good for college.





editor profile pic2

Editor Marie Urmson 

I love journalism because it gives me the opportunity to explore my interests and creatively express my opinions and ideas. Writing like a journalist is an excellent skill to have and will be very beneficial, both in college and the real world. I plan on joining the school newspaper in college and continuing to learn more about Journalism.

Meet the senior editors for the Eagle’s Eye for the 2014-2015 school year and why they love Journalism.


 Senior Editor Taylor Mckenna

Senior Editor Taylor McKenna

I love journalism class because you get to write about anything that means something to you, and express your own opinion on the subject. While in this class, I’ve made so many friends while learning so many things. I’ve taken this class for the past two years and will also be taking it next year. I’m not sure where I will be going to college, but I am surely going to major in journalism.



 Senior Editor Rose McDermott

Senior Editor Rose McDermott

 I like journalism because it is a great way to inform the public of what’s happening in the world around them. I am a writer, in many different ways. I write poetry in my spare time. In college I plan to double major in Journalism and Political Science. Hopefully next year I’ll be writing for a college newspaper!


Senior Editor Emily Fernandez



I like journalism because I can express myself through me articles/ column. I’m very into fashion, all the latest trends, I like being creative and I hope to write for a fashion magazine in the future.



Senior Editor Kenna Beach                            

I like Journalism because it not only improves writing skills, but it expands a person’s horizons. Journalism is about research and finding out a story’s truth. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge since I started taking this class. The class is uncomfortable and challenging in the beginning, but once the style on how to write an article is grasped it becomes easier. There is also a sense of family in the class. The work is all independent but once you’re in the same class with the same people for three years it becomes a class that you look forward to coming to everyday. I’m not interested in being a journalist but I do like how I have the option to write about what I want to and how I can make my own deadlines.                           


Senior Editor Rachel Oliveira                            





ournalism is a class I love. Its great class for me because I get the chance to express my ideas and opinions. I like that other people are able to read what I have to say, especially people my age.





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