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Debuting the Road to Fame

 Let the Road CD Cover (Photo by/ Romaisa Khan)

Let the Road CD Cover
(Photo by/ Romaisa Khan)

By: Romaisa Khan

The band Rixton is on its way to steal the hearts of many teenage girls with their talent. Rixton began in early 2012 in Manchester, England as The Relics, and changed their name just before 2013.

The four talented band members are: Jake Roche, 22, lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist; Charley Bagnall, 28, lead guitarist and backup vocalist; Danny Wilkin, 24, bassist, back up vocalist and keyboard player; and Lewi Morgan, 27, drummer and occasional back up vocalist.

On March 2, they released their debut studio album Let The Road  with 10 songs on it. The track list includes “Let The Road,” “Wait On Me,” “Appreciated,” “Beautiful Excuses,” “Me and My Broken Heart,” “Hotel Ceiling,” “I Like Girls,” “Speakerphone,” “We All Want the Same Thing,” and “Whole.”

The group gained popularity from the song “Make Out” that was posted on YouTube on Oct. 22, 2013. The video for the song mocked famous music videos from artists such as Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Robin Thicke, and Katy Perry.

“Me and My Broken Heart” was then released on March 14 last year and was an international sensation making it to the top 10 for weekly charts in 14 countries including the U.S. Along with “Me and My Broken Heart,” “Hotel Ceiling” and “Wait On Me” are singles off the album.

The album’s genre is Pop and R&B with a variety of producers including Stargate, a production team affiliated with Roc Nation, Def Jam, and StarRoc as well as Daniel Omelio, who’s also known as Robopop and has produced and written for Lana Del Rey, Maroon 5, and Gym Class Heroes.

Morgan, Roche, Wilkin, and Bagnall wrote the songs “Let the Road,” “Beautiful Excuses,” “Speakerphone,” and “Whole.” Other writers featured on the album include Ed Sheeran, Mike Posner, and Jacob Kasher, who had also written for Ke$ha, Selena Gomez, Jesse McCartney, and Lil Wayne.

Rixton can be vocally compared to Maroon 5 and One Direction because of their sound. It’s a similar harmonization and vocal sound from the lead singers and back up vocalists. Because of the similar writer and producers, it’s understandable as to why they are alike.

The acapella song that starts off the album, “Let the Road,” is described to be “a Boyz II Men or Beach Boys sort of thing,” by Roche. This then progresses to a more pop sound developed when the boys “crank it up for the rest of the album,” said Roche.

Rixton has gained enormous support from fans all over the world and even went on a mini-tour in the summer of 2014 with T. Mills, another up-and-coming artist.

They are now opening for Ariana Grande for “The Honeymoon Tour” and switching over mid-April to switch over to tour with Ed Sheeran. In between tour dates, they will be having meet and greets with fans.

Let the Road has been rated three and four out of a total five stars by different accredited sources. Based off their voices and the potential of this album, the album deserves three and a half stars out of five because of their ability to harmonize well with vocals and use each other’s talents to their advantage.

Although the talent is undeniable, the sound is a bit too familiar. Nonetheless they are bound to capture the hearts of many girls. Their voices and raw talent on the debut album are strong.



Leaving Pawtucket

Pawtucket RedSox (Screenshot by/ Emily Fernandez)

The Pawtucket Red Sox logo

By: Emily Fernandez

The Pawtucket Red Sox, also known as the PawSox, is a minor league baseball team that is an affiliate of the Boston Red Sox. The PawSox plays their games in the international league, and their team colors are navy blue, white and red.

The PawSox, founded in 1970, have played their home games at McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket, R.I. ever since. They’ve won seven division titles and four league titles.

The PawSox are the only professional baseball team that exists in R.I. Their most recent championship win was in 2014.

On Feb 23, 2015, it was announced that the Pawtucket Red Sox has been sold by its long time owners Larry Lucchino and James J. The new owners are currently looking to relocate the new stadium to Providence by April 2017.

Attleboro High School (AHS) AP History teacher Ms. Colleen Nestlen said, “Having to drive through the Providence Waterfront traffic is enough to make me not want to go again. Whereas Pawtucket is just a 10 minute drive away and I can park on some back road for free.”

“It sucks big-time that the PawSox are being relocated; it’s been a tradition in my family for years to go together to McCoy each summer to their home games. It’s just not going to be the same,” said AHS senior Austin Perry.

Pawtucket’s mayor, Donald R. Grebien, says learning about the plan was “gut-wrenching and heartbreaking,” but the new owners are more than set on moving the team. Many local residents of not just Pawtucket, but also the surrounding cities and towns, are upset with this move.

Senior Mathew Elliott said, “I’m very disappointed with the move; Pawtucket is such a convenient place especially for us fans in Attleboro.”

Other Attleboro High School students also weighed in on the move.

By: Junior Mykaela Bell

I think it is sad to see the PawSox move because the children at ABACUS usually go there on field trips. I don’t have an interest in baseball but I’m sure there are people who do and will be sad. I understand that it would cost too much to fix up the old stadium; I did like it and it was nice while it lasted. I just think it was a great field trip to see the young children experience a good old fashioned baseball game and see them having such an amazing time at the games. The stadium was in a great place and not too far to go to a game. The food was great and reasonable.

By: Senior Amy Tundel

I go almost every summer with my cousin to see the PawSox for the Fourth of July fireworks. This change in location is disappointing to the Pawtucket community and myself as we both thoroughly enjoyed the close stadium. Moving it from this nice close location may cause more traffic and remove the significance the stadium has today.

For people with less money, it will be harder to go to the games and enjoy them as the prices may become unreachable. Moving the stadium is a poor decision and has many negative aspects for the community surrounding it.

It will also be harder to help out the Pawtucket area’s schools and soup kitchens.

No longer will it be the site of the longest professional baseball game ever played. It would be much better in my opinion to just keep it as is or renovate the current stadium.

By: Senior Romaisa Khan

I can definitely sympathize with those who are heartbroken over the news of the PawSox new management since they grew up watching the PawSox.  I went to a PawSox game when I was younger when I actually lived in Pawtucket and it was my first of many. Although I wasn’t a huge fan of baseball, the atmosphere of the stadium made it fun.

When tradition is changed, it is bound to hurt someone. I think it’s not fair to the fans to change the location or the name of a team that has been around for so long. Imagine retired PawSox players or players who have moved up in leagues finding out that the team that started them out is no longer the same thing. I don’t think it is right for the new owners to mess around with the name of the team.

Necessary Date Changes

 New Second Trimester Schedule (Screenshot by/ Romaisa Khan)

New Second Trimester Schedule
(Screenshot by/ Romaisa Khan)

By: Romaisa Khan

The snow has been relentless this winter, which caused key test dates to be changed including MCAS and PARCC testing dates. Because the school district used its five built-in snow days, Superintendent Kenneth Sheehan took action to make up for the lost time.

The original dates for the Massachusetts Comprehension Assessment System test were originally March 24 and 25. However, after the change the new test dates for MCAS are March 31, April 1 and 2.

Attleboro High School Principal Bill Runey notified the student body and teachers of testing date changes via email on Feb. 25. Runey supported his decision of the delay for the test so that AHS could “fully prepare our students.”

Changing the date of testing for both MCAS and PARCC extended the second trimester. Originally the trimester was set to end March 17, making the 18 and 19 exam days, which would allow for the third trimester to begin on March 23.

The new second trimester conclusion date is March 24 making the 24, 25, and 27 exam days. The third trimester will begin on March 30, making trimester two the longest of the three and allowing students and teachers to make up for the missed time.

The process for the test date changes wasn’t complicated. Assistant Principal Mr. Joseph Connors said, “The commissioner of education sent out an email that allowed schools to change the date [of testing] in light of the snow days.”

Sheehan decided to push the test dates back one week for “extra instructional time,” said Connors. Changing the dates for both tests was a reasonable and logical action.

College Season

College Bound (Collage by/ Romaisa Khan)

College Bound
(Collage by/ Romaisa Khan)

By: Romaisa Khan

Spring is right around the corner, which means it’s time for juniors to start thinking about college. After Feb. vacation is the perfect time to plan college visits and to begin looking at an array of secondary options.

The process is stressful and overwhelming, so seniors’ tips and guides may be helpful in making those college road trips.

Picking a College

“Make sure you know what you’re looking for at the college like location and size.” ~ Morgan Marchand, Attleboro High School

“Look for fitting schools.” ~ Brigette Arsenault, Attleboro High School

“Find out if the school has the qualities that you are looking for in a school like size, area, and majors.” ~ Allison Moulton, Dennis Yarmouth Regional High School

While on the search for the perfect school, figure out whether a college or university fits. College undergraduate programs differentiate from two to four years while universities offer programs for longer than four years.

Universities also consist of subdivisions for certain categories, which are called colleges. A university might have a college of arts and sciences, a college of business, or a college of law.

Sizes for colleges and universities are categorized by small, medium and large. A small sized school is less than 2,000 students, a medium school is between 2,000 and 15,000, and a large school is over 15,000 students.

Schools also have majors and minors. A major is the main field of study; it’s the focus point for undergraduates. A minor is usually elective. Minors have less coursework than majors. Most schools require students to determine a major by the end of their sophomore year.

Going to a college or university is solely dependent on the student. Attleboro High School Guidance Coordinator Mrs. Julie Little said, “If you’re going to be spending potentially four years, you want to make sure it’s a good fit and feels comfortable.”

Attleboro High School guidance counselor Mr. William Stiles said students can “fall in love with a four year private institution [university] and get the job they want. They can go to a community college for two years and transfer to a private institution and get the job they want. They can go to a community college for two years and get the job they want.”

Who to Go With

“Go with a sibling, closest friends, and if it’s far away, with a parent.” ~ Asmaa Belhaouari, Revere High School

“You should go on the tour with a parent and possibly a friend who is also interested in that school.” ~ Moulton

Going with a parent, friend or siblings makes college visits less overwhelming. It’s important to have at least one other person with you for comfort as well as for safety.

It’s also a good idea to go with “siblings who have been through the process and siblings who will be looking at colleges in the next couple of years,” said Stiles. It’s entirely situational and dependent on the visiting student.

When visiting a school, there are different opportunities to learn. A school of interest can provide prospective students with information sessions, campus tours, open houses, overnight stays, and even becoming a student for a day by shadowing a currently enrolled student.

Preparation for the Visit

“Know what you want from the visit, like what information you want to find out and what you want to check out/see.” ~ Shoshanna Bibeault, Attleboro High School

“Plan out any necessities you should take and how long you’ll be there. Research the place you will visit and learn more about them.” ~ Belhaouari

“Make sure you pay attention!” ~ Marchand

During the first week of March, the AHS guidance department will offer a junior assembly to distribute information as well as start junior meetings. March 5, 2015 will be the Junior College Parent Night where students and parents are welcomed to an information night for those who are planning on attending college.

AHS also provides information on the military and career institutions in case students do not want to attend a traditional college/university. This information can be found in house offices and the guidance coordinator’s office.

The school provides college visits for students from Sept. through Dec. There’s also a “college fair in the fall and a regional college fair at Norton High School in April,” said Little.

When Should You Start Preparing

“Juniors should start by the end of their year and during the summer, so they can better prepare their options.” ~ Belhaouari

“Juniors should start as soon as possible. Over school breaks is a great time to travel to places with your parents to look at schools you wouldn’t normally see.” ~ Moulton

Don’t wait to start the process because “if you start your visits in the fall, you’re behind the game and I wouldn’t put it off,” said Stiles. If there is any trouble on how to start or what the first step is, the guidance counselors and guidance coordinator welcome all students.

Why Should You Visit

“I visited [colleges] because I saw what it was like at certain colleges.” ~ Arsenault

“It helped me picture myself and see whether I would fit in to the atmosphere of the school.” ~ Moulton

“If I didn’t like the feel of it [the school] I wouldn’t see myself there, you know? That was me with UNH and BC, both good schools but I didn’t see myself as a fit there. So it’s definitely important to visit schools you’re applying to.” ~ Belhaouari

“They [college visits] provide more opportunities like sitting in on classrooms and seeing dorms.” ~ Bibeault

Often “students fall in love with as school on paper or online and when they visit the school, that image isn’t the same,” said Stiles. He explains that when students do find a school of their liking, “it’s sort of an ‘aha’ moment.”

Starting the Process on Your Own

College visit dates and times are always available in the guidance office of high schools. Visiting college fairs and signing up for college mail is a good way to know when open houses and campus tours are.

Creating an account on College Board is free and allows students to research schools of interest. Websites for specific colleges give options to sign up for weekend and weekdays tours. The guidance department sends out periodic emails indicating key dates and is active on Twitter under the account @AHSGuidanceNews.

There are countless ways to obtain information but a student should take initiative to jumpstart their college process. Be proactive as senior year approaches – it will reduce stress and that overwhelmed feeling.

Lipstick Craze

Different Lipsticks (Photo by/ Romaisa Khan)

Different Lipsticks
(Photo by/ Romaisa Khan)

By: Romaisa Khan

Wearing prominent colored lipstick has become the new trend for makeup as of late. Many girls consider this an art form because of the knowledge and time it takes to find the perfect shade and finish of lipstick for certain events, moods, skin colors, and lip types.

There are countless brands that carry lipsticks among other makeup products including: MAC, Lancome, Nars, Chanel, and Estee Lauder. Sophomore Liz Geoffry explains that she likes the MAC brand but “they’re really expensive.” However, she also likes Maybelline, which is a less expensive drugstore brand.

Because many brand names are expensive, women take advice from makeup artists online to find matching colors between brand names and drugstore brands. These are referred to as lipstick dupes.

MAC lipsticks are generally colors that are “duped” because they tend to be more on the expensive side. Dupes are usually from drugstore brands like Maybelline, Wet n’ Wild, Milani, Revlon, and NYX.

They also have different finishes, which can make or break the purchase of the product. Each finish is different for the brand and color. Young women tend to look for lipsticks with pigmented finishes that are long lasting and don’t dry out lips.

Lipstick finishes are the way lipsticks look and feel on the lips after they are worn. Among most brands, glaze, matte, creamy, and satin are the most popular finishes. The different finishes have a certain look when worn and are easily discernable.

Wearing makeup also isn’t the easiest task to complete before a normal day of school, which usually starts around 7 a.m. As a solution, girls tend to wear lipstick on the weekends. Senior Jenny Aspinwall said, “I mostly wear it [lipstick] on the weekends and when I’m with my boyfriend.”

In an article by Rio on XOVain, a makeup website, who explains that lipstick has four basic ingredients: “solidifiers, like wax, to set the lipstick; diluents, like oil, to disperse pigments; colorants, which are either organic or inorganic pigments; and preservatives, to prevent bacterial growth.”

The ingredients in lipstick are also not popularly known. Attleboro High School junior Hannah Petri believes lipstick has “probably like animal fat” in it and she’s not far off. According to an article on Oddee, an online tabloid, lip products contain tallow, which in fact is rendered animal fat.

Though the use of animal fats sparks a lot of questions and comments from users, women continue to wear lipstick, which has a way of making women feel pretty. Popular colors among teenagers are red, nude, pink, and maroon.

J. Cole Drops Another Memorable Album

2014 Forest Hills Drive album cover (Screenshot by/ Romaisa Khan)

2014 Forest Hills Drive album cover
(Screenshot by/ Romaisa Khan)

By: Romaisa Khan

Hip-hop artist Jermaine Cole, better known as J. Cole, released his album 2014 Forest Hills Drive last Dec., which focuses on the progression of Cole’s adolescent life along with a blatant commentary on social issues and racial problems circulating society.

2014 Forest Hills Drive tracklist includes “Intro,” “January 28th,” “Wet Dreamz,”  “03’ Adolescence,” “A Tale of 2 Cities,” “Fire Squad,” “St. Tropez,” “G.O.M.D.,” “No Role Modelz,” “Hello,” “Apparently,” “Love Yourz,” and “Note To Self.” The tracklist is in the order of events in Cole’s life.

In less than two weeks, Cole ascended to the top of the national album chart, surpassing Taylor Swift’s popular album “1989.” The album also serviced two songs, “Apparently” and “G.O.M.D.,” to America’s mainstream radio stations, which would become the album’s singles respectively.

“Intro” focuses on Cole singing to his audience, “Do you wanna be free?/Do you wanna be happy?” and sets the atmosphere for most of the album as he raps about his “childish ways,” implying his sinful antics in “A Tale of 2 Citiez.” In “Note To Self,” Cole includes credits and shout-outs to the people who stood by his side as he worked on the album day in and day out for nearly 15 minutes.

Last Nov. Cole released a promotional video for the new album giving viewers insight into the journey the album takes and why he created it. A majority of the album was produced by Cole himself; however, he also had the help of 15 other producers including Illmind, Cardiak, Vinylz, and Willie B.

The album is a trip Cole takes listeners on including his move from his hometown of Fayette, N.C. to New York City, N.Y. where he went on to complete his higher education at St. John University on academic scholarship.

Cole also uses the album to rap about the social and racial issues circulating in the media. On the track “January 28th,” Cole raps, “What’s the price for a black man life?/I checked the toe tag, not one zero in sight,” alluding to the events in Ferguson. He also touches upon racism in “Fire Squad,” rapping “Same rope you climb up on/they’ll hang you with.”

His second album, Born Sinner, was used “as canvas to get other messages across,” according to Cole on Hip Hop DX, unlike his debut album Cole World: The Sideline Story, which focused on Cole’s high school basketball career. Each album provided different messages to the fans and allowed them to go on this musical journey with him.

Out of a possible five stars, the album deserves four. The album’s composition is fluid and the transition between songs is almost natural but it lacks a certain “wow” factor that would help it earn that five rating.

The album is lyrically and musically on the brink of greatness; J. Cole ends up being a tad shy of genius. His albums have progressively become more emotional as the rapper discovers himself and new musical techniques. Nonetheless, the 64 minutes album is well worth listening to.