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“E” is for Excellent

The cast of The Great Alphabet Adventure takes a final bow. (Photo/Mackenzie Brennan)

The cast of The Great Alphabet Adventure takes a final bow. (Photo/Mackenzie Brennan)

By: Drew Frongillo

AHS’s Drama Club recently put on a wonderful children’s show, The Great Alphabet Adventure, at Hill Roberts and Willet Elementary schools, and the high school.

Directed by senior Mackenzie Brennan, the show is about, a young 11 year-old boy named Alex, played by James Scott (9), who hates reading and goes on an adventure with the girl next door, Zora, played by Delenn Martin (10), to retrieve the missing letters from his alphabet book.

Along the way, they encounter new friends who help solve their problems. They help Captain Dog, played by Sara Pariseau (12) to find his fishing-mate Ferdie, played by Emily Jenson (10); King Leo the Lion, played by Kade Page (12) learn his colors and return home with the Purple Pirate played by Cassidy Dias (9); and encourage Robbie the Robot played by Danielle Grady (12) to go into space.

Only half an hour long, the play was not rushed but every scene was still properly resolved by the end.

The costumes were bright and colorful. They were a combination of store-bought clothes and anything that was in the costume closet. They fit in with the children’s literary style that the show had going.

The highlight of the entire show was the acting. Brennan’s direction really made likeable characters seem vivid and real.

“Directing was a challenging and rewarding experience. It made me appreciate the theater all the more. So much more goes into a show besides acting. Between finding their costumes, learning their lines and finding their characters, the show was an all around positive experience that let everyone bond and make new friends,” said Brennan.

Zora had a very upbeat attitude and exciting outlook for adventure; she inbued her character with optimism.

Scott’s character, who hates reading and adventuring and has little imagination, was rather flat. All of his lines sounded rather one-tone, but his understanding of the character’s personality – lacking emotion and boring – depicted this character, who loves to play video games, perfectly. The audience enjoyed the way the character was portrayed.

Page’s performance as King Leo the Lion was very funny. His costume and performance were reminiscent of the Cowardly Lion, especially when he cries out because he didn’t know his colors. It was a mix of hilarity and sorrow.

Pariseau, Jenson and Dias, the pirate crew members, were the generic version of a child’s idea of what a pirate constitutes. Their costumes reflected this idea, with dark colors and baggy clothing.

Grady as Robbie, the scared blue robot randomely stormed onto the stage crying in fear of Dr. Seinstein, played by Mackenzie Donahue (9), which caught viewers off guard. Robbie’s frightened ramblings were very wild and sporadic, but made viewers feel all the more uplifted when she received the courage to go into space.

One piece that was relatively short and random was the wizard scene. During one point in the show, a wizard, played by Alexis Grassi (10) appears to Alex and Zora bearing a wand with the missing letter “W.” She throws some confetti on them and then disappears behind the bookcase only to reappear later.

Grassi’s performance as the wizard was intriguing, yet did not leave a big impression due to the length of the scene.

The show was a great success at Hill Roberts Elementary, with rows of children interacting with the cast and genuinely interested in the plot. The Saturday show was mostly for friends and family of the cast.

The show took place on, Nov. 1 at Hill Roberts Elementary School at 9 a.m. and Nov. 2 at 2:30 p.m. in the high school.

AHS’s “The Great Alphabet Adventure” rates 5 out of 5 stars because of the creative story line, remarkable characters and wonderful acting performed by the entire cast.


Almost, Maine

Almost, Maine poster created by the AHS Drama Club. (Photo/Kade Page)

Almost, Maine poster created by the AHS Drama Club. (Photo/Kade Page)

By: Kade Page

On Dec. 6 and 7, in the Bray Auditorium, the AHS drama club presented Almost, Maine, a romantic comedy written by John Cariani, and directed by science teacher Mr. Peter Tarsi.

With a cast of 19, this play contains unusual scenes that recreate the feeling of a miniature play, with two to three people per scene, and, for the most part, the actors and actresses will not return after their scene is finished.

The play is short; only showing short glimpses into each character’s life, yet can still influence the audience’s feelings, as if they are watching real people fall in and out of love in small-town America.

To prepare for this production, Tarsi had an interesting plan; to develop chemistry between the actors, by encouraging the actors who shared a scene to spend quality time together. This is reflected on the stage, making the emotional display of friendships, breaking up and falling in love, even more believable.

Keenan O’Melia (12), a member of the drama club said about his scene partner, Adena Darkstar (11), “I feel like we became a lot closer to each other during Almost, Maine, because we spent so much time together rehearsing for the production that we really got to know each other.”

“While the actors are building chemistry, it’s important to maintain the friendship rather than try to start a romantic relationship or fight with your scene partner, because the actors’ chemistry could make or break the scene,” said Kait Hull (12).

The cast of Almost, Maine will be rehearsing every day during the final week before their production, making for an intense week. Evan Laferriere (11) said, “Even though the week before the production is hard, it’s really rewarding to see it pay off when the audience finally sees what we’ve been working so hard to put together.”