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KENNA’S WORLD: Cold Stone Creamery

By: Kenna BeechKenna's World

Cold Stone Creamery, located in the Mansfield Crossing plaza at 280 School St. in Mansfield, offers ice cream cakes, pies, cupcakes, cookies, shakes, smoothies, yogurt, sorbet, and ice cream.

Entering the cool and thankfully vacant atmosphere with my friend Drew, a counter filled with all sorts of unique flavors of ice cream awaited. Right before our eyes cheesecake, cake batter, and cotton candy flavored ice cream immediately sparked our interest.

After picking the size of the ice cream we wanted, we were then asked if we wanted a single, or a flavorful mixing of ice cream. This wasn’t the last part either. After selecting our ice creams, which were then mixed on a frozen granite stone, toppings were chosen to add into the ice cream. Choices include candy, brownies, fresh fruit and/or nuts. They even have gummy bears.

My choice was cheesecake and cotton candy ice cream with heath bar mixed in. It came in a huge cup. Drew chose banana and vanilla cream ice cream and mixed in Oreo cookies.

Once this process was completed, the ice cream was instantly handed over the counter. A cashier waited at the end of the counter for checkout.

The price was very reasonable, a total of $5.99 for each of our “Gotta Have It” creation ice creams that neither of us could finish.

Cup sizes come in “Like It (one scoop),” “Love It (two scoops),” or “Gotta Have It (three scoops).”

Cold Stone, which is a great place to visit during vacation, is open Mon. through Sun. noon to 9 p.m. The phone number is (774) 719-2314. For additional information, visit coldstonecreamery.com.

Kenna’s World is the Eagle’s Eye’s column by Teen Interest editor Kenna Beech. The junior discusses topics important to herself and about things important to teens.


KENNA’S WORLD: Buffalo Wild Wings

By: Kenna BeechKenna's World

The restaurant Buffalo Wild Wings recently opened at the new plaza The Pavilion across from Mansfield Crossing in Mansfield. Word quickly spread, and people began raving about it.

A group of friends and I took a trip to Buffalo Wild Wings one night. I didn’t expect anything like what we walked into; neither did Devon, Kim, or Harley. The welcoming chaos included all types of technology.

It was loud, people were hollering at the myriad number of televisions, which seemed to have every possible game blaring all at once. The restaurant has two large rooms for dining and the number of waiters/waitresses was endless. Our group was all told it would be about a 45 minute wait but we only waited 10 minutes before  being seated at a bar-style table.

Our waiter was exceptionally nice but we were all shocked when he asked, “Would you all like a tablet.” We all immediately said yes. He came back and handed us these heavy tablets, which consisted of trivia, poker, and arcade games. The restaurant must understand this generation and all the technology it consists of, because what better idea than to offer everyone an iPad-sized tablet to keep them busy while waiting for their order.

Considering how packed the place was, it was perfect. Everyone, throughout the restaurant was having a dandy time, and were more than content to wait longer periods of time for their food.

Since then I have returned twice. My friends, Harley, Kim, and Devon, have also returned. None of us can shut up about the next time we’ll all return.

The prices were relatively average, for example ten wings cost approximately $10.99.

There are an endless amount sauces and seasonings for the wings, which can be ordered boneless as well. We were all given more wings than ordered in our small (10 wing) dinners. Some of the seasonings were: Salt & Vinegar Seasoning, Sweet BBQ, Lemon Pepper Seasoning, Teriyaki, Mild, Parmesan Garlic, Chipotle BBQ Seasoning, Medium, or Honey BBQ.

There were other food options provided, such as sandwiches, wraps, burgers, and desserts.

The restaurant is located at 321 School St. in Mansfield. The phone number is (817) 453-1748 for reservations or takeout. Their menu can be seen here.

Kenna’s World is the Eagle’s Eye’s column by Teen Interest editor Kenna Beech. The junior discusses topics important to herself and about things important to teens.


By: Kenna BeechKenna's World

Lazer Gate in Fall River offers a lot for teens to do. A group of my friends and I took a never ending ride to Fall River for something I had previously only done as a child, and honestly, didn’t spark my interest then or now. None of us had been to this area in Fall River even though we’d heard of it.

Approaching an abandoned looking building, which possibly could have been a factory at one point in time, we entered a dimly lit hallway, only to find a single elevator in an empty room. We walked into an old, beat up elevator only to be welcomed, when the doors opened into a calm, music, smile-filled atmosphere filled with people of all ages laughing, playing, and jumping around.

“Our experience was thrill seeking with an entire two floors of complete darkness and smoke – trying to hunt other people down. It was honestly the best experience and was so much fun, especially with people who we didn’t know, all coming together to play a game,” said Tri-County High School junior Sierra Brodeur.

Arcade games, black light mini golf, and Lazer Gate are just a few of the endless possibilities of fun offered. We were all shown how to play and sign up for the games, which cost $7 each and last twenty minutes. The price for two games is $13, three for $17, four for $20, and an all day pass is offered for $25.

“It was above and beyond everything I had imagined,” said AHS junior Ryan McGovern.

We then entered another room where we could become a team or pick a color to be placed by ourselves. Vests with an attached gun were supplied to players, and the vest would light up with the color chosen.

“Everyone was so energetic, and the lazer grounds are awesome,” said AHS senior Megan Pulster.

Black lights along with neon arrows were painted across walls to guide players so they would know which way to go.

“I had a lot of fun,” said AHS junior Harley Farrell.   

The range area for laser tagging covered two floors. It was dark, with tunnels, mazes, mines, and bombs. Shot players would have to wait a few seconds until they were able to start shooting again. Everyone was sweating profusely, due to all of the running around.

Everyone had a blast and wanted to continue playing. A few of us were still new to the game and weren’t sure how to really make sense of it, but everyone agreed we’d all go back and try it again.

“The service was quick; it was an inviting environment with friendly employees. The game had cool upgrades and landmines were a cool idea even though they weren’t really used. Some parts could be considered unfair and easy, such as the camp spots. Overall I thought it was great,” said AHS junior Josh Whitney.

The hours of operation are Monday 3-10 p.m., Friday 3 p.m. to midnight, Saturday noon-midnight, and Sun. Noon-10 p.m.

Specials on prices and events for Lazer Gate can be found online on their monthly calendar of deals. Lazer Gate is located at 288 Plymouth Ave. Fall River, Mass. More info can be found at http://lazergate.com/.

Kenna’s World is the Eagle’s Eye’s column by Teen Interest editor Kenna Beech. The junior discusses topics important to herself and about things important to teens.


By: Kenna BeechKenna's World

Emerald Square Mall in North Attleboro is a huge place to spend time and shop. A wide variety of people are obsessively drawn to stores like Hollister, American Eagle, Aeropostale, Pink, and Abercrombie and Fitch.

The clothes offered at these stores are very pricy, but this fancy logo’d clothing has remained a “fashion trend.”

Most of these thin fabricated styles have very simple colors. What seems to be the obsessive piece in these widely known companies is their use of lettering across the clothing. It allows people to show where the clothes were bought.

It may also give teens a sense of fitting in or keeping up with the latest fashion they are interested in.

The clothes are comfortable but can easily tear. It’s a constant juggling between the greater good and evil. It would be “unreal” to be seen out in public without some sort of clothing brand logo. This doesn’t just go for clothes, but also for purses, eye wear, shoes, and even cases for electronics.

The models and manikins wearing the outfits and merchandise encourage buyers that they look good in the store’s clothing. The target age for most of these store products are teenagers who are drawn in through advertisements, emails, tweets, and commercials.

Although the clothing is considered “in,” is it really worth all that money for someone else’s name to be on your clothes? Wouldn’t that be considered “free” advertising?

Kenna’s World is the Eagle’s Eye’s column by Teen Interest editor Kenna Beech. The junior discusses topics important to herself and about things important to teens.