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Technology Advancements

Picture of an iPad mini box  (Picture by/ Allison McAndrews)

Picture of an iPad mini box
(Picture by/ Allison McAndrews)

By: Allison McAndrews

Technology has made huge advancements.  All basic devices have been updated and electronics continue to make developments.

“It’s wonderful in the respect of communicating and documentation; it’s instant. But on the older school perspective I didn’t grow up with technology and I can’t keep up with it. It’s a struggle to do some simple things,” said Attleboro High School nurse coordinator Debbie Ebert.

Computers and televisions have been updated in a similar way. Originally they were both big blocks with static and antennas, but they have now upgraded into thin flat screens. Some of these devices even have touch screens and can connect to the internet.  Computers have also developed into laptops and tablets over the last decade.

“There are pro and anti opinions on technology growth; I find it more positive. We learn things faster, for example it’s good for medical research to help save lives. Also It helps find jobs faster, and it’s helpful to communicate with family that is far away. On the anti side, it takes jobs away by automation and I think children have too much access at a young age. Overall, with great power comes great responsibility!” said Attleboro resident and parent Carol Jeffery.

Old computers had a tower, monitor, keyboard, and a mouse. New computers use wireless internet, so they do not need the tower because they are receiving the internet from the router. Laptops have everything together so there are no necessary individual accessories.

“Technology advancements are helpful but they can be dangerous. If they become too severe we may become too lazy because technology will have found a way to do our everyday things for us,” said AHS sophomore Jennifer Lopez.

Tablets are a lot like laptops but the whole thing is just touch screen. The tablet is just like a bigger version of a cell phone but it is used more as a computer. New tablets, laptops and computers enable a person to browse the web, video chat, send emails, and take pictures.

“I feel like it’s substantial, the amount it has grown in the last eight years. From flip phones to a touch screen and computers to tablets, the growth is insane.” said AHS sophomore Nathan Flinkfelt.

Mobile phones have made huge changes; there used to be flip phones with no cameras or key boards, but now they have advanced into these incredible devices.  Most smart phones have two cameras, touch screens, full keyboards, and countless features.

AHS sophomore Kendra Viens said, “Phones have improved the most; my Nana has a flip phone and you can’t do anything on it.”

The iPod is developing. There have been six original generations, two mini generations, seven Nano generations, four Shuffle generations, and five touch generations. Eventually iPods progressed into iPads, which are just bigger tablet like iPods with more features. The main differences in these generations are the size, shape and features. For example, cameras were added and the accessibility of the iPods were updated.

“When it comes to technology advances I like the original ones. They are more classic.” said AHS freshman Clarissa Bourgault.

Most of these new advancements are wireless and need to use WiFi (wireless free internet). This lets people use their devices anywhere that WiFi is available and can be connected.

“I feel like we have advanced in technology for the greater good,” said AHS sophomore Jonathan Juarez.

Technology continues to grow as advancements continue a rapid progression. One day, probably in the near future, our current advancements will be old news.


KENNA’S WORLD: Buffalo Wild Wings

By: Kenna BeechKenna's World

The restaurant Buffalo Wild Wings recently opened at the new plaza The Pavilion across from Mansfield Crossing in Mansfield. Word quickly spread, and people began raving about it.

A group of friends and I took a trip to Buffalo Wild Wings one night. I didn’t expect anything like what we walked into; neither did Devon, Kim, or Harley. The welcoming chaos included all types of technology.

It was loud, people were hollering at the myriad number of televisions, which seemed to have every possible game blaring all at once. The restaurant has two large rooms for dining and the number of waiters/waitresses was endless. Our group was all told it would be about a 45 minute wait but we only waited 10 minutes before  being seated at a bar-style table.

Our waiter was exceptionally nice but we were all shocked when he asked, “Would you all like a tablet.” We all immediately said yes. He came back and handed us these heavy tablets, which consisted of trivia, poker, and arcade games. The restaurant must understand this generation and all the technology it consists of, because what better idea than to offer everyone an iPad-sized tablet to keep them busy while waiting for their order.

Considering how packed the place was, it was perfect. Everyone, throughout the restaurant was having a dandy time, and were more than content to wait longer periods of time for their food.

Since then I have returned twice. My friends, Harley, Kim, and Devon, have also returned. None of us can shut up about the next time we’ll all return.

The prices were relatively average, for example ten wings cost approximately $10.99.

There are an endless amount sauces and seasonings for the wings, which can be ordered boneless as well. We were all given more wings than ordered in our small (10 wing) dinners. Some of the seasonings were: Salt & Vinegar Seasoning, Sweet BBQ, Lemon Pepper Seasoning, Teriyaki, Mild, Parmesan Garlic, Chipotle BBQ Seasoning, Medium, or Honey BBQ.

There were other food options provided, such as sandwiches, wraps, burgers, and desserts.

The restaurant is located at 321 School St. in Mansfield. The phone number is (817) 453-1748 for reservations or takeout. Their menu can be seen here.

Kenna’s World is the Eagle’s Eye’s column by Teen Interest editor Kenna Beech. The junior discusses topics important to herself and about things important to teens.