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Class of 2015 High School Graduation

By: Chelsey Sabilla

On Friday June 5, Attleboro High School’s (AHS) class of 2015 will walk the stage to receive their high school diplomas. The graduation will be held at 6 p.m. at the AHS Tozier-Cassidy Field.

Prior to the event, students will receive three entry tickets for family on the Attleboro (home) side bleachers, which have a capacity of 1,200 people. Other guests may use the visitors’ bleachers, which is on the opposite side of the field.

However, if it rains the night of graduation and graduation is moved to the AHS large gym, students will still receive three tickets for the gym where the ceremony will occur.

The event will be broadcast in the Robert H. Bray Auditorium, so additional family members can watch from there. Parking is first come, first serve at the AHS pool entrance lot.

Speaking at graduation will be Principal Bill Runey, Superintendent Kenneth Sheehan, Mayor Kevin Dumas, Student Council President Brianna St. Don, Class of 2015 Valedictorian Sarah Williams, Salutatorian Benjamin Wagner, and Class President Ross Killion.

Friends and family are invited to attend this special evening to honor and  celebrate the accomplishments made by seniors from all four years of high school.


Scholarship Evening

By: Chelsey Sabilla

At the Attleboro High School’s (AHS) annual Scholarship Evening, award recipients will receive over $200,000 in scholarship money. This event will be held on Thursday, May 21 at 6:30 p.m. in the Robert H. Bray Auditorium.

Nearly one hundred and fifty seniors will receive scholarships from various organizations in the area. Their accomplishments in the classroom, on the sports fields, in extracurricular activities, and in the community are going to be recognized at the ceremony.

Friends and family are invited to attend this special evening to honor the efforts made by these seniors.

Senior Prom

Friends smile in front of Alexa McCue’s House (Photo by/ Sarah Sabilla)

Friends smile in front of Alexa McCue’s House
(Photo by/ Sarah Sabilla)

By: Chelsey Sabilla

On April 10, Attleboro High School (AHS) seniors attended their Senior Prom from 6 to 11 p.m. at Luciano’s Lake Pearl in Wrentham. Tickets were sold for $75.

The prom was organized by the Senior Class Council after months and years of planning and saving up from several “inherited” fundraisers. The prom was a success with a total of three hundred and seventeen prom tickets sold. The administration allowed AHS seniors to invite friends from outside the school for an evening of food, music and dancing.

A disc jockey played music and the ballroom was decorated with black and gold trinkets. Cheese and crackers along with healthy appetizers including chicken fingers, cheeseburger sliders, pizza, fried raviolis, and fried chicken were served by Luciano’s kitchen.

AHS senior Elizabeth Farland said, “I had a great time at prom. I liked the venue and it was fun dancing with my friends all night.”

First-time prom attendees who did not attend their junior prom were also excited about the event. AHS senior Brittney Dixon said, “I felt that it was something I needed to go to before high school ended. I was nervous to go but I actually had fun. It was much better than expected.”

However, some attendees were not fully satisfied with the overall prom product. AHS senior Kevin Taton said, “The catering could have been better. The hamburgers were not even fully cooked. The music guy also did not play a lot of the requested songs. I was disappointed.”

AHS senior Eric Carey also said, “The food ran out pretty quickly. The food also could have been more formal like pasta and salad rather than finger foods.”

The menu was chosen by the 2015 Class Council. After hearing feedback and complaints  about the lemon chicken and other foods served at last year’s Junior Prom, it was suggested that the menu be changed into something most people would enjoy having.

Pre-prom pictures were taken at people’s friends’ houses  instead of the traditional Capron Park or Brigg’s Nursery venues previous seniors chose. Because of the wet, cold weather, most pictures had to be taken indoor so dresses, hair and makeup would not be ruined.

The unpleasant forecast upset many prom attendees. AHS senior Kayla Alvares said, “The weather wasn’t good. It really affected where we had originally planned to take pictures. If it wasn’t for the bad weather, we could’ve taken our pictures outside for better scenery.”

Fun pictures were also taken at the prom. There was a photo booth set up at the corner of the ball room where prom attendees could line up to have their pictures taken. Props such as boas, glittered glasses, hats, gloves, and many other accessories were available for students to use during their photo shoot. A total of three hundred and fifty pictures were taken over the course of prom night.

AHS senior Cemyra Ramos said, “I liked the idea of having the photo booth. It was a great addition to have at prom. My friends and I took several pictures and just had fun taking candid pictures together.”

The dance floor was very crowded. The throng was clumped solely at the middle of the dance floor leaving little room for movement.

AHS senior Angelica Hourn said, “Knowing the amount of people who bought tickets for prom, I expected the dance floor to be as full. The outcome of the amount of people was very similar to that of last year at our junior prom.”

Prom tickets were sold for $75.

Senior Prom was a special night for all AHS seniors. It was a nice way for students to celebrate the end of a memorable four-year journey.

Student-Faculty Basketball Game

Stiles attempts to steal the ball from AHS senior Tim Christensen (Photo by/ AHS senior David Alexander Elel Jr.)

Stiles attempts to steal the ball from AHS senior Tim Christensen
(Photo by/ AHS senior David Alexander Elel Jr.)

By: Chelsey Sabilla

On April 16, Attleboro High School’s (AHS) Class of 2015 hosted their third annual Senior Class vs. Faculty and Staff Basketball Game in the AHS large gym.

This game served as a fundraiser that gave the senior class funds to help pay for the ceremony after graduation that is held at the Pleasant Street YMCA on June 5. Students, staff, faculty, and families were invited to watch the game and tickets were sold at the door for $5.

Volunteers from the class of 2015 class council were also needed to help coordinate their section of the game. AHS senior Julia Paine, one of the volunteers in charge of the concession stand, said, “I had to sit behind the concession stand table throughout the entire game to sell snacks and drinks for a dollar each.”

AHS senior Charisa Ebert, another volunteer at the concession stand said, “The table was positioned at a nice angle to the basketball court in the gym. Although I was stuck sitting behind the concession stand selling snacks and drinks, it was nice to also watch the game.”

AHS students and families who went to watch the game were very into it. AHS senior Sarah Nordberg said, “It was very competitive. I was surprised the game went into overtime.”

In the end, the seniors were able to defeat the faculty and staff  during the extra period of play with a final score of 78-72. AHS senior and participant Matthew Milliken said, “I didn’t expect us to win this basketball game. I thought that the faculty and staff had some pretty strong players.”

Raffle tickets were also on sale at the game for $5. The first ticket drawn will receive two prime reserved seats and one prime reserved parking spot at graduation , the second drawn will receive two prime reserved seats at graduation, and the third drawn will receive one prime reserved parking spot at graduation.

Class of 2015 class advisor Mrs. Molly Foley said, “This is a fun way to raise money for our after-graduation party. I hope that many people will take advantage of this opportunity to win the best seats or parking spot at graduation for their families and relatives who plan to attend graduation.”

AHS senior Emily Fraatz who paid for two raffle tickets said, “I really hope that my name gets drawn. Winning these prime reserved spots at graduation and/or the parking lot space would really be a nice view for my parents who will be watching me walk across the stage at our graduation.”

Winning raffle tickets will be drawn on Wednesday May 27, 2015.

This basketball game was a fun and competitive high-spirited event for the senior class, staff and faculty participants.

The AHS faculty who participated were: Mr. Daniel Walton, Mr. William Stiles, Mr. Patrick Parker, Ms. Becky Richard, Mr. Bill Runey, Mrs. Ravesi-Weinstein, Mr. Weston Pondolfino, Mrs. Susan Sherk and Mr. Marc Bonneau. Brennan Middle School student William Runey also played on the faculty team.

AHS seniors who participated were: Charlie Culhane, Olivia Letourneau, Matt Elliott, Matt Milliken, Stephen Deyo, Carly Paras, Tim Christensen, Joshua Ribeiro, Jeff Toomey, Tim Travers, Brenden Massey, Matt Rodrigues, Amy Eklind, Kerri Beland, Ricky Pho, Justin Adams, and Kimberly Runey.