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Special Olympics

By: Noman Khan

The following pictures were taken at Attleboro High School’s annual Special Olympics. This event took place on June 10, 2015. Pictures were taken by Attleboro studnets in the journalism class.  


AHS Football Grabs First Thanksgiving Win Since 2008

AHS QB Tim Walsh (12) attempts a throw during he annual Thanksgiving game. (Photo/Dave Clark)

AHS QB Tim Walsh (12) attempts a throw during he annual Thanksgiving game. (Photo/Dave Clark)

By: Cameron Merritt

For the first time since 2008, the Hilda trophy will return to AHS, as the Blue Bombardiers defeated the North Attleboro Red Rocketeers 34-19 at North’s Community Field.

“It’s honestly a great feeling [to win],” said Damon Belin (11), the running back who took the offensive MVP honors for the game. “It’s a good accomplishment for the whole team. It wasn’t just a one person effort, it was on everybody.”

North Attleboro won the coin toss and elected to defer and from there, the Bombardiers would go on to score on two consecutive drives. Quarterback Tim Walsh (12) took the ball himself in from 34 yards out to give AHS an early lead, which was made 7-0 by Mike Cannata’s (12) successful PAT.

On the resulting kickoff, the Bombardiers forced a Rocketeer fumble that was recovered by AHS’s Joe Deiratani (12) on their own 42 yard line. After a series of runs by Walsh and Belin, Walsh took it in again on a goal line sneak to make it 13-0 with 3:06 left in the first quarter. The score would stay that way as Cannata’s PAT came up short, pushed back by the wind.

The Rocketeers would respond in the second quarter, quickly shifting the game’s momentum. A long drive was capped off by a five yard touchdown run from Chris Hunter (12), making it 13-7 after the successful PAT attempt.

Then, Jack Blasé (12) picked off Walsh on the first play of the resulting AHS drive, setting them up in a very good field position at the Bombardiers 25 yard line, and a few plays later, Hunter ran in another touchdown, this one from two yards out, to tie it all up at 13-13.

But the Bombardiers would respond right back on the next drive, capped off by a four yard touchdown run by Belin just before the half to increase their lead to 20-13, following the successful Cannata PAT.

After the half, North received the ball and were eventually forced to punt, and the Bombardiers drove down field from their own 25, finally adding six more points via a two yard run by Tom Burns (12) about midway through the third quarter. Cannata’s PAT increased the AHS lead to 27-13.

In the fourth quarter, the Bombardiers faced a 4th & 13 at midfield and decided on a fake punt run by Walsh, who was stopped before he could reach the first down. The turnover turned into points for the Rocketeers when quarterback James Kummer (12) found Jake Lang (12) wide open for a 31 yard touchdown to bring the score within 10. However, a fumbled snap on the PAT followed by a failed attempt to run it into the end zone meant the Bombardiers would still hold an eight point lead.

That lead would increase to 15 when Belin ran in his second touchdown of the day from eight yards out with 2:53 left to play. Cannata’s PAT would bring it to 34-19, and after a couple more drives, the Bombardiers forced a North turnover on downs when Luke Morrison (12) and Andrew Carrello (12) sacked Kummer for a loss of 18. Taking the ball, they kneeled twice and allowed the clock to run out, sealing their second victory over their arch-rival this year.

“[This win] feels amazing. It’s unforgettable. It’s the greatest feeling in the world,” said AHS’s defensive MVP of the game, Ryan Bowen (12), an award that made the win even better, though he added he said he couldn’t have done it without his teammates.

Looking back at how much progress AHS had made since their 7-7 performance last year, Walsh said, “We went down with a seven game losing streak last year, so we just had [a strong] work ethic going into this season… I feel like the ‘Blue Pride’ in this town is back.”

This article originally appeared on http://www.hockomocksports.com

OPINION: Parade Frenzy

By: Amira Corbett

Patrons wait to catch of a glimpse of the Red Sox as they pass. (Photo/Amira Corbett)

Patrons wait to catch of a glimpse of the Red Sox as they pass. (Photo/Amira Corbett)

Citizens lined the Attleboro train station for the Red Sox Parade in Copley Plaza, Boston on Nov. 2. People who took the trains regularly were annoyed by the people in the streets. Others just bore with it and even joined in the hype.

At the end of the parade, a group of people who disliked the Red Sox expressed their discontent by yelling harsh words about the team. Some Red Sox fans responded just as harshly by yelling crude words back. The end result was a yelling match that disrupted public peace. This is the perfect example of enthusiasm gone overboard.

When enthusiasm escalates out of control, there is a problem. Disrupting other’s lives with derogatory language is unacceptable and can make people feel insecure.

The same goes for negativity. The harsh words and language expressed by some individuals caused others to feel as if something horrible was going to happen.

Fortunately, nothing too drastic occurred, but that doesn’t change the fact that making others feel insecure isn’t a good thing. If one has something horrible to say, then don’t say it.

A good example of shown enthusiasm was the amount of support the state of Mass. showed as a whole. Citizens demonstrated great state pride during the parade, by wearing Red Sox clothing and colors. While some went a little overboard, the parade was an amazing once in a lifetime experience.

New Tozier-Cassidy Field Opening

By: Cameron Merritt

Ryan Welch (12) displays his Blue Pride ahead of the first football game at the new Tozier-Cassidy Field. (Photo/Cameron Merritt)

Ryan Welch (12) displays his Blue Pride ahead of the first football game at the new Tozier-Cassidy Field. (Photo/Cameron Merritt)

On Sept. 20, AHS unveiled the newly renovated Tozier-Cassidy Field. The new state-of-the-art athletic facility, which was funded through a combination of public dollars and private donations, was very impressive according to many of the students asked about the project.

“It’s awesome,” said Ryan Welch (12), who showed off his school spirit with blue and white face paint before the game. “I haven’t seen it close up yet, but I do that the way it looks is really good.”

When asked what he would’ve liked to have seen done to make the stadium even better, Welch responded “I wish they made the turf blue.”

Walking in to the new stadium, Matt Girczyc (11) said he was instantly impressed.

“I really like the new additions to the appearance, the new arch [at the entrance to the facility], new stone pillars, and the fence around it looks so much better.”

Once inside the stadium, as people took their seats in the new bleachers before the pre-game ceremony, some students felt a sense of pride in the project.

“I think it’s really cool and it’s such a great moment for Attleboro,” said Karissa Hand (12).

Mason Ramos (12) said while he thought the stadium as a whole “looked nice,” he felt that the best part of the facility was it’s new track.

“[I’m glad that] we actually have a track [now],” said Ramos.

Asked if he felt the cost of the stadium was worth it, senior Owen Bacchiocchi (12) felt it  definitely was, and reflected very well on the school itself.

“It all looks better. Not just the field itself, but the whole complex, the field and track. Best stadium in the Hockomock League.”

A group of sixth grade boys from Coehlo Middle School, wearing their South Attleboro White Hawks Pop Warner football jerseys, said they were “really excited” to be there, and that they couldn’t wait until the day they had a chance to play on it.

Following the pre-game ceremony, Max Lancaster (12) was amazed at how well it went and how it was presented.

“[It was] unbelievable,” said Lancaster, who took part in the on-field ceremony as a captain for baseball. “The community came together. The students loved it, the parents loved it, seeing the smiles on everybody’s faces, it couldn’t have gone any better.”

“All this week, any conversation that I had with any person I bumped into [at school] was ‘Are you going to the game Friday?’ ‘Are you ready for Friday?’ ‘Are you excited for Friday?’ It’s just the pinnacle of this community coming together. It’s just been a great atmosphere tonight,” added Lancaster.

“[Tonight’s] going great, this stadium is awesome. Can’t wait to come back to the next game,” said Connor Silva (12), who added that his favorite part of the new field was the turf itself.

“We’ve never had turf before, it’s great. I love it,” said Silva. His friend, Richard Wilkins (11), added that besides the turf, “the bleachers are pretty awesome.”

Attleboro finished the night on a high note, with a solid rout of the Dartmouth High School Indians, winning 41-12.

PHOTO GALLERY: STADIUM OPENING (Arranged by Kenna Beech and Cameron Merritt)