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10 Disappointment Lane


“Film” Poster (Screenshot by: Keegan Douglass)


By: Keegan Douglass

10 Cloverfield Lane is a horror film about a man named Howard (John Goodman) who kidnaps a woman named Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and holds her in his basement, claiming that if she leaves, she will die because the air outside is contaminated.

The film’s original title was The Cellar, but was changed by producer J.J. Abrams in order to increase ticket sales by linking it to his original film Cloverfield (2008). This title change serves no purpose, other than to gain a larger audience – in other words, the film has nothing to do with Cloverfield at all, which is the first among many disappointments.

The film has a promising opening, establishing tension by repeated cuts to black and a lack of any sounds beside background music. This is, unfortunately, the only truly creative aspect of the entire film, the rest is filled with an array of poor excuses.

When Goodman appears in the beginning of the film, audiences will notice that he is attempting to alter his voice and sound like a tired drunkard, but the voice alteration comes off as completely goofy. His voice is unrealistic and audiences will hear that he is overacting.

Winstead, on the other hand, is a completely competent actress who embodies her character perfectly. She is one of the few good aspects in this film, and it is a shame that she had to waste her time on it.

Buried in the basement, there is another character, Emmett (John Gallagher Jr.), who gives a decent performance, but is shrouded by a cloud of poor writing and infantile direction. His character’s only purpose is to be Winstead’s love interest, making him – and the forced romance – completely one-dimensional. At one point, Gallagher performs a monologue about his life experiences, but much like his character in general, it comes off as pointless and forced, making this character simply a device to advance the “plot.”

Throughout the film, Goodman has temper tantrums, which are supposed to scare the audience, but, by the third outburst, it ceases to work. Goodman’s character is the only way the film attempts to create tension, making it completely formulaic and boring. It is easy to lose interest in the film early on because there is nothing interesting going on.

The ending is the film’s most laughable aspect, as it depicts Winstead’s character escaping from Goodman’s cellar and discovering that the world had been under attack by aliens. The second the aliens appear on screen, an entirely new film practically starts, as the tone established in the preceding two hours is completely abolished. It is like the first writer of the film died and someone else jumped in to take over.

In order to explain the film’s title, an excuse by the producer is thrown in by having Winstead hit a mailbox with her car. The camera then zooms in revealing the cellar’s address as 10 Cloverfield. This, along with the rest of the film is completely laughable.

After all the film’s faults, it deserves only one out of five stars, with that star due to Winstead’s performance. Avoid watching this film, as it is a complete waste of time and money.


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OPINION: Trailer Park Boys and Jumping the Shark



Sunnyvale Trailer Park (Screenshot by: Keegan Douglass)

By: Keegan Douglass

In 1999, director Mike Clattenburg created a genius film called Trailer Park Boys, with almost no budget. This film was shown on the Canadian Television station Showcase, and featured some of the most raunchy, inappropriate humor shown on television at that time. This film followed the found-footage style, meaning that the entire film was shown from the perspective of a camera, as if it were a documentary.

While the concept was initially brilliant, it would come to be a prime example of jumping the shark, which is a television producer’s term for when a show becomes too ridiculous and strays too far from reality. It comes from the 1970s classic television show Happy Days where, in one of the later episodes, one of the main characters  goes surfing and jumps over a shark.

Two years later, Showcase issued a request to turn the film into a television show, with some minor alterations to the overall concept, yet following the characters directly after the events that occurred in the original film. The primary aspect that was changed was that Ricky (Robb Wells) and Julian (John Paul Tremblay) were no longer “pet assassins,” but rather just two people who committed illegal acts, such as selling “dope,” in order to make money. This began the show’s rising success and popularity, which would end up leading to its ultimate downfall because of declining creativity.

The first three seasons were perfect, keeping the same raw, raunchy tone established in the original film, but, by the time the fourth season came around, the humor was still there, yet the sense of realism was diminishing. This can be seen in the episode “Conky,” in which Bubbles (Mike Smith) has a puppet, who he speaks through in order to gain confidence to go to the hospital. The concepts for each episode began to become far too unrealistic for the good of the show.

In 2006, a higher budget, shot-on-film Trailer Park Boys movie came out, which didn’t fit within the continuity of the television show. This film was utterly boring, the jokes were bad, the writing was lazy, and the charm that came along with the television series was absolutely lost. This film did not represent the realistic, yet over-the-top tone of the television series.

That same year, the seventh season was aired, and it saw an end to characters Cory (Cory Bowles) and Trevor (Michael Jackson), the Rosencrantz and Guildenstern of the Trailer Park Boys universe. The actors who played these two characters saw the changes in the television show and quit.

“Because this wasn’t a television contract, they dropped us back down to the minimum,” said Jackson about the Trailer Park Boys movie, according to Libcom, adding, “I was so upset that I sold my Season four scripts on ebay as one of my performing art pieces. This was really low.”

The show went from primarily improvisation to acting based off of a script, removing the original raw feel of the show.

In 2007 – the seventh season of Trailer Park Boys – the show was canceled, but that didn’t stop the creators and producers from beating this dead horse. Since the cancelation, there were two new movies – Trailer Park Boys: Countdown to Liquor Day (2009) and Trailer Park Boys: Don’t Legalize It (2014) ­– which were both better than the 2006 movie, but still not as perfect as the first three seasons.

There were four live performances, each the length of a normal film, which were released on Netflix and DVD. These live performances didn’t fit into the continuity of the television show. They each started out like an average episode, but would lead into a live performance, which made no sense and appeared completely unrealistic.

Netflix now has every season of Trailer Park Boys, along with all of the films, excluding the 1999 original movie.

Aside from the two final films, Clattenburg left Trailer Park Boys alone, as he felt that it became too much to handle and was losing the comedic edge that it originally had. Around the time he renounced his involvement in the show, Netflix decided to produce three new seasons, which would be written by the actors who played the main characters of the show ­– Wells, Tremblay and Smith.

This Netflix “original” series version of the show feels nothing like any of the original seasons. The characters appear to be caricatures of who they were supposed to be, the plots of the episodes are ridiculous, the budget is far too high to represent the show’s original tone, and the writing is completely off with Clattenburg’s absence. It just isn’t Trailer Park Boys anymore.

The show’s overall decline is a perfect example of jumping the shark. The writers try too hard to crank out all they can out of a show, to the point that it becomes a complete farce. This show is proof that it is better to burn out, than to fade away.

Carbon Copy Awakens

Star Wars Photo

Wow, the force awoke (Screenshot by: Keegan Douglass)

By: Keegan Douglass


A short time ago in a galaxy not too far away, Star Wars Epsiode III: Revenge of the Sith had a tagline claiming that “The saga is complete,” but that tagline has been nullified since director JJ Abrams released the most recent installment: Star Wars Epsiode VII: The Force Awakens.

This film features new characters, including ones who were in the original saga. Returning characters include Han Solo (Harrison Ford), Leia Organa (Carry Fischer) and Chewbacca (Peter Mayhew).

Both Han Solo and Chewbacca are used to their full potential, bringing their original best friend banter back. Leia, however, was only used as a way to please older fans. While Fischer’s performance as Leia is stellar, the character didn’t have anything to do, other than give a few reaction shots to any action occurring on screen.

The new cast and characters are perfect and will fit the new saga as well as the old characters fit the original saga. Rey (Daisy Ridley) serves well as the new Jedi Learner character, and Finn (John Boyega) has a perfect blend of both comedic relief and seriousness.

The saga’s new villain, Kylo Ren (Adam Driver), is an interesting character, but is a perfect example of what is wrong with The Force Awakens. The plot elements are exactly the same as the ones used in Star Wars: A New Hope (1977). Ren is a big bad guy, dressed in all black, wielding a red lightsaber, and wearing a dark metallic mask. That description is almost exactly the same as one that could be given to Darth Vader (James Earl Jones/David Prowse).

Major plot elements of The Force Awakens aren’t anything new to the Star Wars saga. There is a big battle station, which can destroy an entire planet, that the good guys must destroy in order to save the galaxy. This is something that has happened twice before in both A New Hope (1977) and Return of the Jedi (1983).

While the plot elements are too similar to be realistic, it fits the overall tone of the film. Star Wars never really was about plot, because each film told the generic story of rebels fighting against the greater evil, something that this film portrays incredibly well. No film is without its flaws, and the flaws of this film are minimal.

After going so long without a decent Star Wars film, The Force Awakens is a breath of fresh air, providing audiences with something that truly feels like a Star Wars film. Overall, this film was a great addition to the saga, but earning only three out of five stars because of the continued use of its clichéd plot elements.

Insurgent Movie Review

Movie poster  (Photo by/ Natalia Wroblewski)

Movie poster
(Photo by/ Natalia Wroblewski)

By: Natalia Wroblewski

The first film of the Divergent trilogy reached the #1 spot at the box office during its opening weekend last year, so the sequel, Insurgent was anticipated to rake up a similar, if not better, response.

The movie stars popular actors and actresses including Shailene Woodley who plays Tris Prior, an independent heroine, Theo James as Tobias “Four” Eaton, a determined fighter, and Ansel Elgort as Caleb Prior, Tris’s betraying brother.

The movie continues the story of Tris and the post apocalyptic world she faces. She and her allies search for an answer as to what Tris’s family sacrificed their lives for and why the Erudite faction will do anything to stop them. A war begins to brew as conflicts grow and past secrets are revealed, which affect everyone’s future.

“Getting back into Tris was much more difficult than I anticipated, because I didn’t take into account that I, myself, had grown for a year,” Woodley told People Magazine in a press interview a month ago about filming the second movie.

Just like many other book to movie adaptations, Insurgent was modified to make the story more thrilling and Hollywood appropriate. The book’s main idea of character relationships was transferred from page to screen with some major adjustments, including the entire ending of the movie. Warning: spoiler ahead.

Originally, the finding of the truth revealing video message was found by Four and Caleb, but the movie’s redesign added a twist.

Author of the Divergent series, Veronica Roth, revealed how she felt about the film in a Tumblr post writing, “Insurgent, the book, has a complicated plot — a lot of moving parts, a lot of ups and downs; that sort of thing can work in a book, but if it’s translated directly to the screen, it makes for a messy, confusing movie. The changes that were made streamline the story so it makes sense for this new format; in other words, they work.”

Critics’ reviews ranged from “satisfactory” to “disappointing.” Connie Ogle from The Miami Herald newspaper said, “Unfortunately, Insurgent can’t quite live up to its intriguing set up.”

Others, like Bill Zwecker from the Chicago Sun-Times said, “For those looking for non-stop action, pretty dazzling special effects and solid acting by the young protagonists, Insurgent will not disappoint.”

Common Sense Media rated the movie three stars out of five, Metacritic gave it two stars, and IMDb praised it with four stars.

“I saw the movie but didn’t read the book, so from what I saw I thought the movie was really good. It was suspenseful and ended with sort of a cliffhanger so that got me excited for the next movie,” said AHS sophomore Lyan Khanji.

The Divergent series has often been compared to The Hunger Games series because Tris from Divergent and Katniss from The Hunger Games are both female characters who rise as leaders and mourn the losses of others who have suffered as a result of a similar futuristic rebellion revolution.

Another similarity in both these novels is the glitchy, dystopian society the characters are forced to live in. Whether its The Hunger Games districts or the Divergent factions, there are flaws.

Jeanine Matthews from Divergent and President Snow from The Hunger Games are the over controlling leaders who negatively influence many people and have so much power that they become the rebellions’ targets.

“I thought the movie was interesting to watch. There was a lot of action, but it didn’t follow the book as well as I would have liked and the acting was sub-par,” said Foxboro Regional Charter School (FRCS) senior Avanna Menard.

Insurgent came out on March 20 making $54 million in its first weekend, just in North America, which is basically the same amount Divergent made its first weekend. It is rated PG-13 for its extreme violence and action and also its occasional, aggressive language.

Like many other book to movie adaptations of young adult series, the last book in the series, Allegiant, will be split into two movies. Plans are to release Part 1 on March 18, 2016 and Part 2 on March 24, 2017.

Insurgent deserves 3.5 out of 5 stars for its thrilling action and satisfactory acting but loses points because it doesn’t follow the book as well as fans might’ve liked.

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water


Movie poster (Screenshot by/ Daphne Mendez)

Movie poster
(Screenshot by/ Daphne Mendez)

By: Daphne Mendez

The spirit of the SpongeBob television show remains true in the movie. Just like in the show, The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water is cheerful with random jokes and enjoyable plot twists. The humor has definitely not changed and keeps viewers entertained.

The amusing movie will have children intrigued when SpongeBob goes on a mission to recover a stolen recipe known as the Krabby Patty Formula, which leads to him jumping out of the water and battling the villainous pirate who has stolen it. SpongeBob and his nemesis Plankton, who he first thought had stolen the recipe, are now working together to retrieve it.

Patrick, Sandy, Mr.Krabbs, and Squidward come along for the ride and see how life is above sea level. They meet new people and new animated characters such as talking dolphins and seagulls. The movie, however, did not take place out of the water as much as it showed in the movie trailers.

Some of the scenes in the movie were a mess and didn’t add up; like how SpongeBob and his friends can magically come out of water and breathe air with no problem at all.

Above sea level, life isn’t that great or interesting; until the characters read a magical book that makes stories come true. SpongeBob and his friends then became 2D superheros.

Paul Tibbitt, the director of the movie, put a lot of odd obstacles in the plot of the movie, such as the stolen recipe and superhero theme.

In the movie SpongeBob’s voiceover is by Tom Kenny, Patrick’s voiceover is by Bill Fagerbakke, Squidward’s voiceover is by Roger Bumpass, Plankton’s voiceover is by Douglas Osowski, and Sandy’s voiceover is by Carol Lawrence. The characters’ voiceovers are by the same people who were involved with the first SpongeBob movie.

The new SpongeBob movie is rated PG with a run time of 92 minutes. The movie deserves three out of five stars because of the unusual plot, goofy jokes and its suitability to all ages, but it doesn’t deserve five stars because of its corniness and how some parts in the movie were boring and dragged. Overall the movie was not that bad and kept the viewer’s attention when the characters were in action.

Clue: The Movie


Clue is on Netflix (Photo by/ Mykaela Bell)

Clue is on Netflix
(Photo by/ Mykaela Bell)

By: Mykaela Bell

The movie Clue made in 1985 was established off a board game that was a big hit. All the characters are based off the board game except the maid, who is an extra player.

The movie is quite similar to the board game and includes all the same rooms, weapon and characters.

Characters are Miss Scarlet played by Lesley Ann Warren, Mrs. White played by Madeline Kahn, Mrs. Peacock played by Eileen Brennan, Colonel Mustard played by Martin Mull, Mr. Green played by Michael McKean and Professor Plum played by Christopher Lloyd.

These people are invited to a house on a hill and end up murdering other people who know their incriminating “secrets.”

The end of the movie is quite complex but eventually the correct ending, which is unexpected, plays out. This and all the other parts in the plot lead to the surprise ending and make the movie great and enjoyable.

The three ending options make it look like one person killed all six people, but in reality in the end they are all murderers.

The suspense and all of the surprises at the end were great. Anyone who enjoys murder mysteries or shocking endings could order the movie online, or find it on Netflix or YouTube. Clue: The Movie deserves three and a half stars out of five because of its complexity.