Senior Assassin 2017 Rules

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Typed out by: Abigail DesVergnes

Rules made official by AHS Senior Marissa Dias.

1) It will cost $5.00 to play. The winner will take home half of the total money and the other half will be donated to this year’s Special Olympics.
2) Each person will be assigned a “target.” You must eliminate your target from the game using a water gun. (No water balloons.)
3) In order to eliminate your “target”, you must soak them with a visible amount of water from a water gun. After they are out, they must tell you who their target was and you inherit their target.
4) SAFE ZONES are areas where people are safe from getting out. These include:
School Grounds-The only exception to this rule is that the fields and tennis courts become fair game after 4:30 p.m. DO NOT BRING A WATER GUN INTO THE SCHOOL.
Athletes- Athletes are safe to, from, and during practice/games/required events. Once they leave the school afterwards, they are eligible to be eliminated. (Remember, the parking lot is off limits.)
Cars- The target is only safe within their own car. If they are in anyone else’s car, it is fair game.
Homes- The target is safe within their own home UNLESS you are invited in by a permanent resident of the house. (Ex: If the mother says it’s okay for you to enter, you can then get them out in their own house.)
Work- The target is safe during, and on their way to work. However, as soon as they are off of their shift or step out of work, they are fair game.
5) Defense: If you know who your assassin is and you shoot your assassin with a water gun before they get you, you have an hour-long period in which they are unable to get you out. Only you can shoot your assassin in defense, no one else. You can use a shield, but it cannot be something you are wearing (Ex: backpacks and sweatshirts)
6) The assassin must have a video of the elimination, a picture of the target after being eliminated, or at LEAST another witness. (The proof will be used to make a montage at the end of the game.) If anyone has a Go-Pro…. That would be awesome. You must update the Facebook page with the picture, video, or status as soon as you can after eliminating your target in order to keep the information as recent as possible. You cannot get your next target until the last one you got has been posted.
7) Your targets will be chosen at random by someone who is not playing in the game.
8) Once your $5.00 has been collected, your name will be added to the list of participants.
9) IT MUST BE WATER. Do not put anything else in the water gun. It will not count.
10) If you are eliminated, be honest about it. Don’t ruin the game and make it into an issue.
11) Don’t do anything stupid, don’t ruin the game for yourself & everyone else, and have fun!
Important Dates:
ELIMINATION DATE: If you have not received at least one target out by midnight, April 25, you will be automatically eliminated. On this night, new targets will be assigned and you will disregard your current targets. (This day may be adjusted if the game hits a standstill.)
*Other dates will be added as the game goes along as well as surprise twists.
*The last day of classes will be the last day of the game. If there is only one person remaining, they will be declared the winner. If there is more than one individual left at midnight on the last day of classes, the individual with the most points will be declared the winner.