Review: More Than This


more than this

By: Lydia Robinette

The novel More Than This by Patrick Ness is a thrilling, mystery that focuses on the strange happenings around a sixteen year old boy named Seth Wearing. The novel starts off with Seth’s death. Soon after in the novel, he woke up again in a small English town that he used to live in.

The novel’s mystery is centered on futuristic coffins in which the entire world’s population now resides in a form of stasis, and is guarded by a mysterious robot that protects the people inside. In the book Seth and two other characters escape the coffins and discover exactly what has happened to the world, and why.

More than this is a thrilling novel, with its insane plot-twists and writing that makes the reader feel as if they were right there living through the action with the characters. Ness’s book radiates a matrix-esque feeling, because the characters are given the knowledge that all of the world’s population is in a fake computer world and they are the only three that exist outside of it.

The main character wasn’t so sure until the final moments of the book that he knew which world was real or not, and this struggle is what made the story so much more relatable. Instead of having a hero who knows exactly what to do to survive and manages to fix everything and gets a happy ending, Ness gives the reader a child who reacts in a realistic way to everything thrown at him. Seth’s story of fighting to know the truth then fighting to cope with it is so raw- leaving the readers with many emotions.

Published in 2013, by the Candlewick Press More Than This has been reviewed by many prominent magazines and people, one of which was John Green, another author of young adult novels who simply said, “just read it.” This book deserves 4.5 out of 5 stars for its amazing writing and perfectly executed mystery.