Red Queen Review


Red Queen

Red Queen Novel  Photo by: Abbie Strobel

By: Abbie Strobel

Victoria Aveyard’s bestselling novel Red Queen has reached #1 on the New York Times, leaving behind waves of fans eager for more from the author.

Red Queen is a dystopian novel that displays the growth and journey of the main character Mare Barrow, as she learns to deal with the land’s great divide over blood color. Mare is a seventeen year old thief who spends her days on the streets, scrounging for money and avoiding the inevitable conscription to the never ending war. However, life for Mare suddenly becomes much more complicated when she gets caught in a whirlwind of lies that could only mean trouble.

Silvers act as royalty throughout the novel, containing superhuman powers that the Reds do not possess. Reds are forced into a life of poverty causing their hatred for royalty to grow ever more. Mare finds herself working as a servant for the Silvers and despite her feelings towards them, she discovers that she is different, holding a power of her own that has never been seen among the Reds before.

With Mare’s new found ability, she becomes a threat to the hierarchy and becomes betrothed to a Silver prince. She is forced to lie about herself, saying that she is the long lost princess of a famous war hero. Even though trouble can be found around every corner, Mare secretly joins the Red Guard, a group set on causing the downfall of the Silver’s reign.

Mare is pushed into tough situations, where she often finds herself questioning where her allegiance lies. She has to decide between whose lives are valuable and whose aren’t. Mare learns that you cannot trust anyone in the world she is in, and she is prepared to lose the ones she loves most.

Red Queen is intended for young adult readers and presents a seamless combination of trust, rebellion, and romance. Those who are looking for a book comparable to The Hunger Games and Divergent are sure to find enjoyment and thrill in the novel.

Readers will become attached to characters quickly and are in for an emotional ride. With being thrown into the book’s plot, they will experience the betrayal and heartbreak first hand and will be caught questioning who to trust through the entirety of the novel. Those who chose to become immersed in the book will definitely have a favorite character.

The novel displays the abuse of government forces through the ever changing monarchy and the discrimination amongst humans. With the mix of differences and superhuman powers, the book creates a world that is perfect for fans of dystopian lands.

Alongside the hero that isn’t afraid to make mistakes throughout the book. Aveyard creates a spectacular world of superhumans and their rule over the commoners.

With twists and turns around every corner, the novel is sure to please the minds of those seeking tales of ultimate betrayal, giving this book a five out of five star rating. Readers become enthralled in the world presented before them and are often found wanting more and more of the characters and their stories.

Aveyard has since published the prequel Cruel Crown, which features the two e-novellas, Queen Song and Steel Scars. The sequel Glass Sword was also published, following the release of the prequel in February of this year.

Fans are currently waiting for the third and fourth installments of the novel, which can be expected in the upcoming years. Aveyard has been sure to preview the third book on Twitter, while she is in the process of writing, boosting excitement in fans everywhere.