School Leadership Saves the World


“Ban the Bag”   Photo by: Delaney Nisbet

By: Delaney Nisbet

During the day on Monday, Attleboro High School (AHS)’s School Leadership teacher Mrs. Rebecca Halsey, presented projects that the class hoped would save the world some day in the future. Multiple projects were out on display in the pit for students who passed by to see.

“We are trying to spread awareness with these projects, so that we can save the environment” said junior Cassidy Dias, who was a participant of the “Ban the Bag” presentation.

Ban the Bag has been an ongoing project created by senior Patrick Collins in order to ban plastic bags from being used. “The plastic bags are harming the environment because the animals tend to eat or swallow them, and the bags are killing them” said junior Kassandra Alves.

Other projects that were presented were anti-tobacco support for Special Olympics and against drug abuse. “We are really trying to get everyone around us aware of the issue at hand. The best way to start is within the schools,” said senior Samantha Spaziano who ran the Special Olympics table.

“The projects were a huge success and I’m so happy with how they came out,” said Senior Morgan Fulton who had been working on the project almost all year long. Ultimately, the School Leadership projects were a success with raising awareness.