Student Becomes Top Pick for Eber and Wein Website


alyssa campbell

Alyssa Campbell Photo by: Shaneta Jenkins


By: Shaneta Jenkins

Alyssa Campbell, 17, of Attleboro, Mass., was one out of many students selected to participate in the Eber and Wein poem competition, an organization that helps writers identify their ability to turn any piece of writing into literature.

Campbell studies literature and other writing. “I work at Roche Brothers but not as full time, just as like an on-call in a sort of way, meaning they call me when they need me,” she said.

Eber and Wein was founded in 2008 and holds annual contests for students to have their writing viewed and published. Its main focus is to catch young writers’ eyes and help them to not be afraid to open their minds to creative writing.

Campbell’s grandmother showed her an advertisement in the newspaper one day about a poem competition. She did not think anything about it, but decided to submit a poem to the contest.  In the fall of 2015 the company reached out to her, letting her know she had won the contest. Campbell said, “I didn’t expect to get chosen; it was a shock.”

In 2016 Campbell was elected again as one of the poetry winners in their contest. She wants to continue by “doing different types of contests and eventually become published.” One of her long term goals is to become a writer someday and to be a published author.

Campbell said, “I would like to try volunteering at the YMCA as a poetry teacher who teaches children to turn their feelings into writing.”

She advises students to “look for opportunities in your interest and don’t be afraid to try it.”