AHS Clothing Swap


Student Council Members (Photo by: Hannah Michienzi) 

By: Hannah Michienzi

Student Council members at Attleboro High School (AHS) held a clothing swap on March 4 after school for people in the community who are not able to afford clothing.

People who needed clothes came to the event and picked from a variety of clothing such as pants, T-shirts, pajamas, dresses, shoes, and anything else they needed. The clothing was donated by AHS students, faculty and people in the community who had clothing they didn’t need any more.

The night of the event, Student Council members set up tables in the B1 cafeteria and organized the clothes. There were tables that had clothing for men, women and children.

Student Council member Arianna Susi said, “People from all over the community came and were able to fill a bag with all the clothes they needed. People also came and donated $5 that went towards an AHS scholarship.”

“People didn’t just come from Attleboro,” said Student Council Hailey Patel, adding, “We had people at the event who came all the way from Foxboro to get clothing that they needed.”

When the event was over, Student Council members put any remaining clothes into bags that were then donated to clothing drives. Susi said, “Many people left with bags in their hands and smiles on their faces.”