Welcome Ms. Farrell, Attleboro’s Bill Belichick?

Farrell picture

Ms. Leanne Farrell

By: Jonathan Kermah

Ms. Leanne Farrell is one of the new teachers at AHS this year. She can be found right next to the B2 cafeteria in room 238B. She teaches forensics, biology, and chemistry.

Bill Belichick is Farrell’s role model, but as a teacher she is the total opposite. Like Belichick, Farrell brings out the best in her students, but instead of being hard and controlling she uses kindness and caring. “I’m pretty much Bill Belichick,” Farrell said sarcastically.

To Farrell, being a teacher goes beyond just teaching, it’s also about the relationships. “The best part about being a teacher is definitely the students and having relationships with people that feel meaningful,” said Farrell.

Farrell is a great teacher, but she does more than just that. She also volunteers her time as a freshman class council advisor alongside fellow teacher Mrs. Brittany Montagna. When explaining why she chose to become a class of 2019 advisor, Farrell said, “by becoming class advisor I was able to meet more people in the Attleboro community.”

Similar to students, time management is the hardest part of being a teacher according to Farrell. “There is balancing your grading with your lesson plans and with your after school time. It’s about getting the right balance,” said Farrell.

Students could learn something from Farrell. She balances her time by making a list of priorities and going through those activities one at a time.

Farrell enjoys cooking and fishing in her free time. She strongly recommends fishing as a hobby to others. “I go crabbing, claming, fishing for fish, and squiding. It’s a great time; people should try it,” she said.

Turner, Farrell’s pet cat, is also a part of her free time outside of school. She has had Turner for seven years and loves him. She also has a fish named Oscar in her classroom. She recommends stopping by and saying hello to him.

Although this is her first year at AHS, Farrell has been teaching for four years. She spent the last three years teaching in Peabody at Veterans Memorial High School. She finds the schools similar, yet she enjoys AHS’s better sense of communication and technology.

Before teaching, Farrell attended Rodger Williams University and earned a bachler’s in environmental science. For students entering college, Farrell said, “State schools are just as good as private schools. Don’t worry about location, focus on your education.”

So far Farrell is enjoying AHS. She said, “I love it; it feels like home.”