Final Artwork

By: Jade Ford

Expression comes in many forms, whether its dance, singing or exercising. For many students at Attleboro High School (AHS) their expression is in the form of art. The following are examples of the last trimester’s works of art.


IMG_6385Sophomore Alexandra Pierce

“There were plants set out on the table and we got to choose which one to draw and I chose all of them because nature is beautiful.”


Sophomore Misty Harlow

“There will be ones that will eat the fish, and there will be ones that will save the fish.”


Sophomore Justin Torres

“Basically the skeleton’s soul is leaving its body and all its memories and feelings go into the ground and grow into a tree. The tree is representing its new life basically.”


Sophomore Zoe Boldt

“I chose elephants because they’re my favorite animal and I love them so I decided to make a little baby elephant and a mother elephant.”


Sophomore Jada Fisher

“We had to pick specific plants and draw them individually and then transfer them over to a larger paper and group them all together. We painted it and obviously I had to include some greens, and I did. However, I added some colors that don’t seem natural to plants because too much green is far too boring. For the background I did a sunrise with soft blues and pinks. I think my art reflects who I am and I’m really proud of it.”