MAN ON THE STREET: What’s your favorite high school memory?

By: Arianna Johnson

Finals are wrapped up and the last days of seniors’ high school careers are behind them. Some seniors offer a special favorite memory to say goodbye before their class of 2015 graduates on June 5.


James Fahey”

“My favorite memory is swim team and making it to sectionals and states. I also broke the school record for the 200 freestyle relay.” ~ James Fahey


Emma Giddens

“Playing softball. I made friends and learnt a lot of things.” ~ Emma Giddens


Rachael Oliveira

“Cheerleading. I made a lot of friends and gained responsibility.” ~ Rachel Oliveira


Jordan Girard

“When another classmate and I got an app that had a button that sounded like the class bell, we rang it really loud and everyone thought it was the real bell so they got up and left.” ~ Jordan Girard


Jack Carriuolo

“Carpentry class. I was there for so long and it was fun.” ~ Jack Carriuolo


Sierra Chauncey

“Child care. I made friends. It was an enjoyable class and I learnt a lot.” ~ Sierra Chauncey


Nikki Mador

“Nothing. My favorite memory is going home tomorrow.” ~ Nikki Mador


Jennie Aquino

“Falling for my best friend.” ~ Jennie Aquino


Melody Torres

“The spirit rally senior year.” ~ Melody Torres


Nate Rodas

“Leaving high school with all the friends I made.” ~ Nate Rodas


Crystal Aldana

“My favorite memory during high school is getting my license. It was a big step.” ~ Crystal Aldana