Attleboro School Store

Selective items sold at the school store (Photo submitted)

Selective items sold at the school store
(Photo submitted)

By: Evelyn Mendez

Attleboro High School (AHS) has a school store located in the B1 cafeteria. It was open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays during all four lunches and closed for the school year on June 16.

Popular merchandise are sweaters, which are sold for $25, T-shirts for $10, sweatpants for $20, flip flops for $20, and hats for $15.

Students enjoy expressing their “Blue Pride” by wearing the clothing from the school store. Since the store is only open two days a week, less than 10 items are sold each week, unless there is a special occasion like a rally or Spirit Week.

AHS junior Cassandra Barber said, “I like it because it has a lot of items; I bought a sweater and long sleeve shirt from there. It is a good way for students to have easy access to display their blue pride.”

AHS Council member and AHS parent Mrs. Lori Scales takes charge of who will be at the cash register and the inventory. There are about seven people, including students, who work as volunteers.

They include students: E’la Hall-Kelleher is a cashier, Anastasia Hooten is a cashier, counts the money beforehand, vacuums the store, and stocks the shelves, Elizabeth Antone counts the money at the store, is a cashier and greets the people who enter the store, and Joe Scales is a greeter, does inventory, vacuums the store, and during Spirit Week advertises the items sold at the store.

Paraprofessional Ms. Jackie DaSilva overlooks the store making sure products are in their place and teaches the students how to use the cash register.

One volunteer, Ms. Susan Akell said, “If you forget a notebook, pencil or a school supply, the store provides it.” She added that there is a good variety of items sold.

The school store opens on days like parent teacher conferences to show visitors what the school provides. There are different vendors for different items sold.

AHS freshman Nataly Ortiz said, “I love the fact that the school store will have what a student needs at a reasonable price.” She added that the quality of the products is good.

 The store helps advertise the Alumni Club, sports, Special Olympics, and the music and art departments by selling T-shirts, bracelets, flip flops, and pins. School supplies like pencils, pens, notebooks, note cards, highlighters, poster boards, and tri-fold poster boards are sold, mostly for under $5.

AHS senior Stepheny Mendez said, “I always buy a new sweater every year and switch off colors blue and gray.” Mendez loves the idea of the different designs and colors.

The store takes into consideration that students forget things. They sell shorts, deodorant, hair spray, hair ties, and other necessities for emergencies.

AHS sophomore Kleidy Espinoza said, “I have never been inside the store but have heard great things about the stuff sold there. I am thinking of checking it out myself.”

AHS sophomore Emma Legere said, “Although I’ve never been there, my friends say that it is a really good place to get your AHS needs.”

Some students might not even know about the school store, so should check out the great products sold there next Sept. when it reopens.