Summer Reading Opinions



Selective reading books for AHS (Photo By/ Evelyn Mendez)

By: Evelyn Mendez

The Attleboro High School (AHS) summer reading book for 2015 is The Last Policeman. Incoming freshmen as well as grades 9-11 will be required to read the book and others then will be tested at the beginning of the 2015-2016 year on them. The novel is classified as a science fiction novel.

For every grade, different books are assigned. The list can be found on the AHS website at

“It does not interest me at all and I didn’t want to read it to begin with. Also I didn’t like the synopsis and I don’t like the plot,” said AHS sophomore Kyla Mucciarone, who was interested in the autobiography I Am Malala because it is an inspirational, true story.

“I think any book is a good book for students,” said AHS history teacher Ms. Katherine Delaporta. Most books that are chosen for students are popular classics that most of them enjoy to read.

“It seems the most action packed. I think I will enjoy the murder mystery aspect since as a society crumbles one man must solve the case,” said AHS sophomore Stephen Reilly, adding, “It’s an easier system [when everyone reads the same book].”

“I have heard great things about the entire trilogy, so I’m excited to read it and the next two over the summer,” said AHS English teacher Daniel Walton, who is looking forward to reading the required books and believes students should have some input into choosing books on the summer reading list.

“I think I will enjoy reading The Last Policeman because I enjoy science fiction books and I have not read anything similar to the topic before,” said AHS sophomore Andrew Castro, who said the voting was not fair this year because everyone’s votes should have counted instead of the majority in each class ruling.

“I do not think I will enjoy reading The Last Policeman because I’m kind of sick of reading post-apocalyptic style books,” said AHS freshman Jalyn King. The novel is available at Better World Books (BWB) for as little as $3.98 for a used copy or $13.37 for a new one. BWB, an online for profit bookseller, does not charge shipping and handling and donates to literacy programs around the world.

Amazon lists a new book for $11.83 and a used book for as low as $2.40, but shipping and handling is $3.99 if ordered from an outside vendor.