ZigZag Game: Over Five Million Downloads

ZigZag (Screenshot by/ Kenna Beech)

(Screenshot by/ Kenna Beech)

By: Kenna Beech 

ZigZag is a game app for Android that has over five million downloads. It’s very popular, entertaining and easy to grasp. The slogan on the app store is “Stay on the wall and do as many zigzagz as you can!”

The game is just that. The app opens onto a red screen that reads: “Ketchapp marius gerllich,” the company name. This is typically followed by an Ad or Google Plus that asks the user for their basic information. This screen is followed by an account, which the user can choose to use or add. This part can be skipped.

The official game play screen opens into a white background with a blue platform in the center of the screen. Each player starts off with a petite black ball. Different colored balls can be purchased later in the game after the player collects enough pink gems, which are located throughout the zag’s walls.

Players simply have to “touch the screen to change the [ball’s] movement direction.” This can be viewed on the main screen under the question mark.

The game also hands out achievements to players for completing goals and skill-based challenges. Players can even compare their scores with their friends and other players. The creators have been working on fixing many of the bugs and enhancing game performance.

ZigZag is one of the most top rated free apps. This app can be found in Android’s play store. Other Android play store apps offered by Ketchapp are Amazing Thief, Stick Hero, Jump Car, Make Them Fight, Don’t Touch the Spikes, Phases, Bounce, Make Them Fall, Totem Smash, Skyward, Jump, Push the Squares, 2 Cars, Circle, Amazing Brick, Make Them Jump, Circle The Dot, Jelly Jump, Run Bird Run, The Tower, Amazing Ninja, and Spring Ninja.

All of the apps are free and can offer hours of unlimited amusing game play. ZigZag deserves four out of five stars for its unique but simple game play.