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 LifeHacks Found on Popular Phone App (Screenshot by/ Kenna Beech)

LifeHacks Found on Popular Phone App
(Screenshot by/ Kenna Beech)

By: Kenna Beech

Lifehacks can save a person’s budget. Not only do Lifehacks save time; they take simple things and put them to extensive use. With easy applications, Lifehacks provide ideas that wouldn’t normally cross the average person’s mind.

Lifehacks can be found all over the internet. They are trendy on Pinterest, a popular phone app that allows users to research their likes and interests and pin them.

Lifehacks are for everyone. They fulfill the needs of almost anything imaginable, from getting rid of sweat stains, to suggesting free useful and knowledgeable websites, or to recommending objects that have more uses than are originally intended.

On 1000lifehacks number 743 is, “Heavens above Fireworks is a company that turns your ashes into a firework after you die, so you can literally go out with a bang.”

A popular one with 90’s children is on Nickreboot. It allows people to continuously stream 90’s cartoons for free.

Lifehacks also gives great advice for the winter. Lifehack #1780 reads: “Car lock covered with ice? Pour some hand sanitizer on the area. The alcohol in it will melt the layer away almost instantly.”

If undergoing stress, #1779 suggests: “The smell of an orange relieves stress. Smelling an orange or eating one can reduce stress by over 70 percent.”

If feeling sick, #1773 suggests: “Feeling nauseous? Smell rubbing alcohol. It will relieve the nausea almost instantly.”

For those who drink and drive, #1767 shares some valuable knowledge. “The average taxi ride home from a bar costs $30. The average first time DUI costs $9,900. This should make the decision a bit easier.”

If the parking lot is full and the only spaces available are the handicap parking areas, Lifehack #001 states: “A handicapped parking spot needs a sign to be valid. If it just has a wheelchair painted on the ground, you can legally park there.” However, these were made for specific reasons so please consider this when parking.

For the Netflix watchers, Lifehack #1755 suggests, “If you can’t find anything to watch on Netflix, try using Netflixroulette. Enter your interests, click spin and it’ll give you something awesome to watch.”

Lifehack #1749 gives a wonderful food suggestion, “On Pizzacodes you input your location and they’ll give you discount codes to the nearest pizza places.” Pizzacodes may redirect the viewer to a specific site if there are too many to list. That’s where the coupons are.

Even if of little service to someone, Lifehacks could come in handy later. If not, it still brings endless entertainment. Lifehacks deserves five out of five stars for its quick, creative tips.