Booting the Books

OPINION (Wordle by/Taylor McKenna)

OPINION (Wordle by/Taylor McKenna)

By: Elaine Rivera

For some people, all of this new technology means out with the old and in with the new; that goes for that old record player, that N64 and that book shelf too.

Many people prefer Kindles or Nooks today rather than books. They may not think there is a difference when it comes to reading. In fact, they may think it’s more convenient. However, books do not require chargers.

Sitting down after a long day and grabbing a nice book to read is so calming. The feeling of turning a page is such a satisfying thing and nothing is better than the fulfillment of reading the last page of an amazing book, and closing it with your own hands.

It is not the same feeling reading off a screen. Yes, the story may still be the same and the meaning will penetrate regardless of what is being read.

People can gain more though by sticking with the original way of doing things. For example, my experiences with shooting film photography have taught me so much more than shooting digital. In fact, shooting digital became much easier because of my previous knowledge.

The old dog may not learn new tricks, but he’ll teach the new dog his old tricks, guaranteed.