Time for Weather Change

Sunny weather (Screenshot by/ Daphne Mendez)

Sunny weather
(Screenshot by/ Daphne Mendez)

By: Daphne Mendez

The temperature is rising, which means spring is around the corner and that’s really exciting. Some people enjoyed the winter and others did not because of the abundance of snow. Both seasons do have their perks and benefits but people tend to like one more than the other.

“I like the winter because I get paid more for shoveling,” said AHS Junior Jordyn Dailey.

When it’s hotter outside there are more things to do and that’s one reason people take pleasure in warmer weather. It’s more enjoyable than sitting at home because it’s too cold outside.

“In the winter I stay at home more than I leave it,” said AHS sophomore Victoria Keefe.

There were 85 inches of snow in Attleboro this year, which caused a lot of traffic and sidewalk problems.

“I’m glad all the snow is clearing up on the sidewalk and I don’t have to walk in the middle of the street anymore,” said AHS freshman David Jeffery.

The winter eventually becomes really boring after a while of the same freezing weather. Not everyone is a fan of the cold, wind, snow, or ice. “I’m ready for warm weather because it’s been too cold lately,” said AHS sophomore Troy Morse.

In a summer vs. winter survey on Tellwut.com, which is a survey opinion site, 1,543 voters said they like summer better than winter, versus the 688 who said they preferred the winter. One hundred sixty-nine voters said they are neutral about those two seasons.

The survey also interestingly showed the different activities people do in the winter and summer. Over 70 percent don’t ever participate in winter activities such as ice skating, sledding, skiing, or ice fishing. Only 28 percent said they didn’t participate in summer activities.

“I sort of like this cool, not too cold, not too hot weather,” said AHS sophomore Rhian Schwensfier.

When it’s winter many people complain and say they want summer, and when they have summer they say it’s too hot and hope the temperature turns cooler. The East coast thoughtfully receives the best of both.

“I like when it’s hot outside, but sometimes it gets annoying and I want the cold,” said AHS sophomore Jon Juarez.