National Honor Society and National Technical Honor Society


Logos for NHS (Screenshot by/Amy Tundel

Logos for NHS (Screenshot by/Amy Tundel)

By: Amy Tundel

National Honor Society (NHS) is an honor society for high school students who maintain a 3.75 GPA, a specific amount of community service hours, good character, and leadership skills. National Technical Honor Society (NTHS) requires Career Technical Education (CTE) experience, a minimum of 3.0 GPA, volunteer hours, and good attendance.

“It wasn’t hard to get into because I just did what I normally do, which is to receive good grades and volunteer,” said Attleboro High School senior and NHS member Julia Paine.

Famous actresses, comedians, singers, and television personalities such as Meryl Streep, Tina Fey, Carrie Underwood, and Pat Sajak were members of their high schools’ National Honor Society.

“I love being recognized for my hard work, not only in regular academics, but also in my CTE studies. Childcare has always been my favorite class, so now being involved in a group with my classmates to acknowledge how much time and effort we have put into this class feels really good,” said AHS senior Charisa Ebert.

People are typically unaware of the benefits that come from these academic societies. If a member of NTHS, there are scholarship opportunities, assistance in job searches, an increase from colleges, letters of recommendation, and graduation accessories.

NHS begins in the junior year and a select few are inducted. Some students do not qualify until their senior year, and are inducted with the juniors of that year. This involves planning and meetings during both senior and junior years to assure all of the requirements are met, especially the ones required for graduation.

“NHS has been a great factor in my life, providing me the opportunity for community service and leadership through my community,” said AHS senior Chelsey Sabilla.

NHS is a prestigious group; therefore admission is not simple, and requires many preconditions that must be met. NHS advisor Mrs. Angela Larson and the officers Jordan Larson (vice president), Sabilla (treasurer), Sarah Powers (secretary), and Sarah Nordberg (president) are always putting opportunities out there for members to take advantage of, so generating the hours is much easier.

“I advise NTHS because I believe there are many students who have found their true life passion and excel. I feel they should be recognized for their diligence and hard work,” said CTE NTHS advisor Mrs. Joyce Campellone.

NTHS is established during senior year and has fewer meetings. Most students in NTHS are also in NHS so it requires less explanation and assistance, so the meetings are just preparation for both induction and graduation.

“NTHS looks fantastic on resumes for jobs, applications and scholarships,” AHS senior Tiffany Tong.

The induction for both societies takes place on Wednesday March 25, in Attleboro High School’s (AHS) auditorium at 7 p.m. Family, friends, and the community are welcome to watch the ceremony.