Debuting the Road to Fame

 Let the Road CD Cover (Photo by/ Romaisa Khan)

Let the Road CD Cover
(Photo by/ Romaisa Khan)

By: Romaisa Khan

The band Rixton is on its way to steal the hearts of many teenage girls with their talent. Rixton began in early 2012 in Manchester, England as The Relics, and changed their name just before 2013.

The four talented band members are: Jake Roche, 22, lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist; Charley Bagnall, 28, lead guitarist and backup vocalist; Danny Wilkin, 24, bassist, back up vocalist and keyboard player; and Lewi Morgan, 27, drummer and occasional back up vocalist.

On March 2, they released their debut studio album Let The Road  with 10 songs on it. The track list includes “Let The Road,” “Wait On Me,” “Appreciated,” “Beautiful Excuses,” “Me and My Broken Heart,” “Hotel Ceiling,” “I Like Girls,” “Speakerphone,” “We All Want the Same Thing,” and “Whole.”

The group gained popularity from the song “Make Out” that was posted on YouTube on Oct. 22, 2013. The video for the song mocked famous music videos from artists such as Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Robin Thicke, and Katy Perry.

“Me and My Broken Heart” was then released on March 14 last year and was an international sensation making it to the top 10 for weekly charts in 14 countries including the U.S. Along with “Me and My Broken Heart,” “Hotel Ceiling” and “Wait On Me” are singles off the album.

The album’s genre is Pop and R&B with a variety of producers including Stargate, a production team affiliated with Roc Nation, Def Jam, and StarRoc as well as Daniel Omelio, who’s also known as Robopop and has produced and written for Lana Del Rey, Maroon 5, and Gym Class Heroes.

Morgan, Roche, Wilkin, and Bagnall wrote the songs “Let the Road,” “Beautiful Excuses,” “Speakerphone,” and “Whole.” Other writers featured on the album include Ed Sheeran, Mike Posner, and Jacob Kasher, who had also written for Ke$ha, Selena Gomez, Jesse McCartney, and Lil Wayne.

Rixton can be vocally compared to Maroon 5 and One Direction because of their sound. It’s a similar harmonization and vocal sound from the lead singers and back up vocalists. Because of the similar writer and producers, it’s understandable as to why they are alike.

The acapella song that starts off the album, “Let the Road,” is described to be “a Boyz II Men or Beach Boys sort of thing,” by Roche. This then progresses to a more pop sound developed when the boys “crank it up for the rest of the album,” said Roche.

Rixton has gained enormous support from fans all over the world and even went on a mini-tour in the summer of 2014 with T. Mills, another up-and-coming artist.

They are now opening for Ariana Grande for “The Honeymoon Tour” and switching over mid-April to switch over to tour with Ed Sheeran. In between tour dates, they will be having meet and greets with fans.

Let the Road has been rated three and four out of a total five stars by different accredited sources. Based off their voices and the potential of this album, the album deserves three and a half stars out of five because of their ability to harmonize well with vocals and use each other’s talents to their advantage.

Although the talent is undeniable, the sound is a bit too familiar. Nonetheless they are bound to capture the hearts of many girls. Their voices and raw talent on the debut album are strong.