Matt Elliot and Melina Baker at the 2014 senior Prom (Picture taken from/Maya Elliot)

Matt Elliot and Melina Baker at the 2014 senior Prom
(Photo/Maya Elliot)

By: Rachel Oliveira

It’s that time of year again – prom season. It’s one of the major events during senior

year and one of the last big celebrations before AHS seniors graduate.

The senior prom will take place at Lake Pearl in Wrentham, Mass. “Lake Pearl is a beautiful place to have our prom, though if that’s the reason why our prom tickets are so expensive then I don’t think it’s worth it,” said AHS senior Sarah Williams.

Many seniors have bought their dresses at Sonya’s, located in Cranston R.I.. “I bought my Dress at Sonya’s and I felt glamorous,” said AHS senior Rosa Sandoval.

Sonya’s is well known for its edgy glamorous style. “Based on what most of the girls are posting on the Facebook senior prom page, it seems like they’re all going for a red carpet look event, which is why many girls are buying their dresses at Sonya’s,” said AHS senior Juliana Aroujo.

A big stress factor in dress shopping is the fear that another girl may have already purchased the same dress. However, AHS has a great way of preventing this sort of conflict, thanks to the senior prom 2015 page on Facebook. The page is a private page built by all AHS senior girls and whoever else is attending the AHS senior prom.

“It’s a great way for girls not to end up at the prom in the same dress,” said AHS senior Arianna Johnson.

The page is a nice way for the girls who are going to senior prom to come together and spread positivity to one another. “I love how we all get the chance to comment something sweet to one another about a dress on the prom page,” said AHS senior Stephanie Coca.

The guys don’t have a prom page for tuxedos, simply because tuxedos are very similar to one another. “I’m sure if it was for the guys they would go to prom dressed in khaki shorts and a T–shirt,” said AHS senior Britney Dixon.

The senior prom tickets can be bought for $75, the same price as the past three years, between March 23 and April 3 in rooms 220A or 225B. Students will be able to choose their seating arrangements from April 6-9 in the Student Activity Office (SAO).