Destiny Lacks the Content to be Excellent Shooter

Destiny Gameplay (Game still by/Mike Cotsalas)

Destiny Gameplay
(Game still by/Mike Cotsalas)

By: Mike Cotsalas

After losing full rights of the Halo video game series on Mar. 12, 2012 to 343 Industries, game developer Bungie set out to create the new cornerstone to their company’s productions. Enter Destiny, an online-only first-person shooter, which was released to the Xbox One and Playstation 4 consoles last Sept. This game, with so much potential, falls flat on its back for its shortcomings.


As what can be expected to come with a next-generation title, Destiny is beautiful. From the beautiful Tower, a hub world, in which players communicate with each other, cash in rewards collected upon completing missions, and buy new gear for their character, to the planets Mars, Venus, and Earth, where players can freely explore and complete missions.

Each area has their own unique feel to it, as Earth is a deserted junkyard left to waste by alien invaders, Venus is an abandoned city once inhabited by humans, and Mars and Moon both provide barren wastelands with mountainous and flat areas. The maps are not identical in nearly any way, and the variety is refreshing when most first-person shooters lack map variety.


Where this game takes a deep drop into the deep end is its gameplay, or lack there of.  Destiny lacks a wide assortment of missions, and the only way players will have something to do is by doing missions already completed on a higher difficulty, which gets repetitive quickly.

This is the type of game in which players should expect a variety of downloadable add-ons to be available at their disposal. However, that also is not the case. Bungie has announced two add-on packs with only a handful of missions in each pack. If Bungie ends up only releasing two downloadable content packs, they will have dropped the ball.

To say this is disappointing is an understatement. A game with great mechanics and fluidity in its gameplay is held back by an Achilles’ heel. With its impressive looks and mechanics, to have only a handful of missions for players is an insult.

With little feedback about the game coming from Bungie, gamers are left scratching their heads wondering if this is all they’re getting.

Destiny deserves three stars out of five. Although it looks slick and plays well, Bungie left gamers with little to play with, as its mission selection and variety leave a lot to be desired. It is underwhelming.