Dual Enrollment

Attleboro BCC Campus (Photo by/Lyan Khanji)

Attleboro BCC Campus
(Photo by/Lyan Khanji)

By: Lyan Khanji

Dual enrollment classes are available at Bristol Community College (BCC). The program allows high school students to take college classes while still attending high school. Attleboro High School (AHS) students who are interested should speak with one of the guidance counselors about taking the classes scheduled for after school, over the weekend or during the summer.

Taking dual enrollment courses are a great way to experience what college is like, as it allows students to enroll in the courses to earn both high school and college credit. The courses also allow students to earn college credit for degrees at BCC or for transfer to other colleges.  This guarantees college credit for dual enrollment students and can save time and money on a college degree.

“I think this program is really good for students who love to get ahead and challenge themselves. Personally, it will help me a lot in my near future because it allows me to earn college credits while still being a sophomore in high school,” said AHS sophomore Kathryn Furtado.

BCC dual enrollment classes allow students to further develop their knowledge on certain subjects. “It can give students a taste of college by taking a class or two without fully committing to it,” said AHS sophomore Paulina Janik.

Students are encouraged to take this program if they have a grade point average above 3.0. “In order to take the class, you have to take the Accuplacer exam and you have to pass the exam in order to take the class,” said Guidance Coordinator Mrs. Julie Little. The Accuplacer is an exam that tests a student’s prior knowledge on the subject before starting the class.

The process of registration for dual enrollment is simple. Students who are planning to take this program should talk to their guidance counselors and schedule the exam online. It is free.

“I just went to my guidance counselor and she helped me with the process. She gave me the number of one of the guidance councilors at BCC and I called her and signed up for the Accuplacer exam,” said AHS sophomore Evelyn Mendez, who is planning to take dual enrollment classes over the summer.

According to Fall River Junior Yusra Ahmed, a student who is in the dual enrollment program on the Fall River campus, the classes seem easier in college than in high school. “I was surprised at how easy the classes are because there aren’t as many timed exams as there are here at the high school. There’s so much freedom and you can choose when to take the classes; it’s so convenient!” she said.

The program also benefits those who want to take certain classes but have a packed schedule.

“I was really upset that I couldn’t take AP psychology, a class that I’m interested in and would like to take to pursue my future career, because of how full my schedule is. The dual enrollment plan let me take the class,” said Taunton junior Amna Farhat, a student who is currently in the program on the Taunton campus.

Not only does the program allow high school students to take classes and receive college credits, it also helps make a plan for the student’s future.

“Taking dual enrollment classes while still being in high school can be really hard and time consuming, but the program helped me organize my stuff and make a plan so I can pursue my dream job,” said Taunton senior Nora Tanteh, who is also in the program on the Taunton campus.

The dual enrollment program is not very well known in the AHS community. “In the fall term of 2014, 20 students from the school took advantage of the program, which has been in existence for a number of years, yet not a lot of people seem to join the program,” said Little.