Snow Days Survey

By: Lyan Khanji

Thanks to numerous snow days, currently at seven, during the months of Jan. and Feb., options are being considered as to how to make up those days.

Attleboro High School students in Ms. Adeline Bee’s journalism class informally surveyed 301 classmates just before Feb. vacation on which method they would choose to make up snow days. The options included: part of Feb. break, part of spring break, part of both breaks, Saturdays (2-4), or going to the last possible day — June 30.

Twenty-eight point five percent of freshmen voted for making up the snow days in June, and the option of taking parts of both breaks as a close second equaling 21 percent.

The sophomores voted to take parts of Feb. vacation to make up the snow days with 34 percent of students. The option of staying until the last possible day received 30.3 percent of the vote, and taking parts of spring vacation was the third option at 25 percent.

Both juniors and seniors preferred going to the last day, although the percentages varied. Twenty nine point eight percent of the juniors and 60.7 of the seniors voted for June 30 as the last possible day.

As a second option, 28.6 percent of juniors surveyed voted on taking parts of Feb. break. However, the second option for the seniors, winning 23.2 percent of the votes, was taking parts of both breaks.

Based on the total survey results, the winning option was to make up the snow days in June, earning 35 percent of the votes. Behind that option was taking part of Feb. break, with 24 percent. Nineteen point five percent voted for part of spring break, while 14 percent voted for both breaks. Saturday was last with seven percent.

Freshmen: 56 Sophomores: 112 Juniors: 77 Seniors: 56
Boys: Girls:


Boys: Girls:


Boys: Girls:


Boys: Girls:


A- 8 1 A- 21 17 A- 11 11 A- 1 2
B- 7 4 B- 16 12 B- 8 9 B- 2 1
C- 3 9 C- 5 2 C- 4 6 C- 6 7
D- 6 2 D- 3 2 D- 0 5 D- 2 1
E- 8 8 E- 16 18 E- 16 7 E- 9 25