Facebook Downgrade

Facebook sign-in on phone and desktop (Photo by/ Daphne Mendez)

Facebook sign-in on phone and desktop
(Photo by/ Daphne Mendez)

By: Daphne Mendez

Young adults don’t stream on Facebook anymore although it was everyone’s favorite thing a few years ago. It’s not as necessary to use compared to other popular social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Snapchat.

“I use Instagram and Twitter way more than I use Facebook; there’s not really a reason, it’s just all my friends who use it,” said Attleboro High School freshman Lauren Germaine.

Facebook has become parents’ favorite social network, and the younger generations do not mind it; they just stopped using it. Although many people don’t have anything to hide, they feel their parents are not giving them privacy on their accounts.

“My mom used to always question my Facebook posts and sometimes even told me to delete them,” said AHS sophomore Jon Stout.

Some children don’t mind their parents looking at their accounts but think it’s embarrassing that their parents comment on their posts and pictures and tag them in awkward pictures they don’t want anyone to see.

“I don’t like it when my parents tag me in ugly pictures; it’s so embarrassing,” said AHS freshman Jayln King.

Young adults still go on Facebook in their spare time to see what has changed, but let’s face it, teenagers have aged along with Facebook. “I don’t use Facebook because it’s boring and I have nothing to like or comment on because my friends have stopped using it since seventh grade,” said freshman Hydie Turner.

People used to spend hours on Facebook, but the user decrease is nowhere close to what had happened to Myspace. In 2013 CFO David Ebersman said on their third quarter earnings call that Facebook “did see a decrease in daily users specifically among younger teens.”

There have been less daily users but there still are so many. Facebook has 604 million mobile users, way more than any other social network on the web.

“I go on my phone to clear my notifications and sometimes I go through my old stuff on my Facebook and laugh at how dumb I was,” said AHS sophomore Julya Carlson.

People who used to go on Facebook for hours now only go on to check on things for a few minutes. “I literally deleted my Facebook when I saw my profile picture from a few years ago,” said AHS sophmore Tanasia Noman.


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