Blue Yearbook Slip (Photo by/ Sarah Nordberg)

Blue Yearbook Slip
(Photo by/ Sarah Nordberg)

By: Sarah Nordberg 

The Yearbook Club is currently rounding up this year’s senior pictures, quotes and activities sheets for the 2015 Tattle Tale.

Each member of the senior class must provide a picture, a quote and an activities page that highlights what they have done over their Attleboro High School career. Each of these items is essential in order to create a yearbook that is cohesive and brings the school together.

Seniors who have not turned in these items should have received a blue slip in one of their classes. It is imperative that these slips are returned to Health teacher Mrs. Nancy Krieger in room 118A as soon as possible.

Those who are not seniors should keep in mind that they will have to do these things in the future. Many juniors consider taking senior pictures through separate photographers. Those who plan on doing this should have their pictures taken well in advance of the Dec. 1 deadline. Most seniors have photos taken in the summer after their junior year or early fall of their senior year.

An example of a senior quote is, “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”-J.K. Rowling. An example of an activity is basketball.