Goals for Life

Bucket List  (Photo by/ Natalia Wroblewski)

Bucket List
(Photo by/ Natalia Wroblewski)

By: Natalia Wroblewski

Having a bucket list can motivate a person to fulfill goals and make dreams come true. Creating a bucket list and making it a reality could lead to a more memorable life.

“Life has no limitations, except the ones you make,” said former politician, author, and television host Les Brown, who is currently a motivational speaker. Brown often uses the catch phrase, “It’s possible,” to spark a flame in people to conquer achievement and live life to the absolute fullest.

People tend to repeat the same routines. Start shaking things up and begin checking those bullet points off personal bucket lists.

AHS sophomore Meghan Cooper said, “Before I die, I want to go to as many countries as possible and collect a souvenir from each place.” She added that the souvenirs would “bring back memories that’ll make me smile when I’m older.”

A common thing on many people’s bucket lists, such as AHS freshman Brian Ulbrich and sophomore Jaime Mcnarrey, was skydiving. Ulbrich said, “I just think it’d be cool to jump from the sky and not die; it’s thrilling.”

When thinking about things to do before dying, think about these questions: what is important to accomplish, what experiences are worth living out, would having unlimited time and money change anything and what needs to be done to lead a life of extraordinary meaning?

Another AHS student, freshman Gabi Mcalister, said that she’s never actually made a bucket list but is thinking about it now. She thought making one would be a fun.  Inspired by the idea, she said that she would like to try scuba diving.

Senior Jess Ferriera said, “My goal is to go to college and I’ll be accomplishing that in just a couple of months.”

Other ideas include running a marathon, pursuing a passion, seeing the pyramids in Egypt, writing a book, going to space, sending a message in a bottle, spending New Year’s Eve in New York City, being in a movie, saving someone’s life, meeting someone famous, being completely out of debt, and even going to the Olympics.

To set goals, receive tips, see how others have achieved their goals, and become inspired with people sharing the same goals, visit bucketlist.org.

AHS senior Nicole Fontaine said, “I would like to go to Australia before I die, but I don’t think I will be able to do that this year as much as I’d like to.”

So whether it’s sky diving or going to space, everyone needs life goals. Be brave enough to pursue a bold adventure and live.