Clue: The Movie


Clue is on Netflix (Photo by/ Mykaela Bell)

Clue is on Netflix
(Photo by/ Mykaela Bell)

By: Mykaela Bell

The movie Clue made in 1985 was established off a board game that was a big hit. All the characters are based off the board game except the maid, who is an extra player.

The movie is quite similar to the board game and includes all the same rooms, weapon and characters.

Characters are Miss Scarlet played by Lesley Ann Warren, Mrs. White played by Madeline Kahn, Mrs. Peacock played by Eileen Brennan, Colonel Mustard played by Martin Mull, Mr. Green played by Michael McKean and Professor Plum played by Christopher Lloyd.

These people are invited to a house on a hill and end up murdering other people who know their incriminating “secrets.”

The end of the movie is quite complex but eventually the correct ending, which is unexpected, plays out. This and all the other parts in the plot lead to the surprise ending and make the movie great and enjoyable.

The three ending options make it look like one person killed all six people, but in reality in the end they are all murderers.

The suspense and all of the surprises at the end were great. Anyone who enjoys murder mysteries or shocking endings could order the movie online, or find it on Netflix or YouTube. Clue: The Movie deserves three and a half stars out of five because of its complexity.