Students and technology (Photo by/ Lyan Khanji)

Students and technology
(Photo by/ Lyan Khanji)

By: Lyan Khanji

Technology has taken over many aspects of daily life, such education, work and staying in touch with old friends. But just how dependent are students on technology?

AHS sophomore Evelyn Mendez said, “I am at that stage in life where there is nothing else I can rely on besides my technology. If I ever need help in school work, I use my phone or another source of technology. Without technology, I would have to rely on books or something but it would not be as modern and as fast.”

It is often a misconception that technology will make people too dependent on technology and take over the lives of future generations, as everyone would be on their phones rather than enjoying the outdoors and spending time with family. However, the use of technology could also strengthen and advance future generations.

“I think the use of technology will always be beneficial to humans because as inventions for society advance, technology does too. And even as we advance as a society, there will always be a need for technology,” said AHS sophomore Kyla Mucciarone.

Keeping connected 24/7 has made people more dependent. “People want to stay updated on the latest fashion, news and new school activities,” said AHS sophomore Elizabeth Goeffry.

As technology further develops, students will find that the internet is a much more efficient way of getting information. “Too many kids depend on Google as their main source of information. No one can successfully go into a library and look for information they need without taking hours to find it,” said AHS senior Morgan Marchand.

The use of electronics in classrooms can strengthen the educational system. “They should allow the use of cell phones for purposes of school work, as long as it’s educational,” said AHS sophomore Chris Nadeau.

“I don’t think education would be as strong without technology because most of the time, it is the technology that lures the students to the work and motivates them to perform the task,” said AHS sophomore Sheilly Escobar.