Tim Christensen: Senior Captain

(Christensen hopes the basketball team can turn the season around Photo by/ Jonathan Kermah)

(Christensen hopes the basketball team can turn the season around
Photo by/ Jonathan Kermah)

By: Jonathan Kermah

A senior year in high school can be very stressful, especially when making decisions about the future, but it’s even more stressful as co-captain of the basketball team. Senior Tim Christensen has been focusing on his future like everyone else but he also has to focus on leading a team.

Christensen has been playing basketball since he was five years old. “My brother and my dad both played and they got me into it,” he said. Since then he has loved playing basketball and football.

Being named captain wasn’t based on luck; Christensen worked his way up through the ranks to be where he is. “I worked hard in the offseason to get better each year, because that’s where the team is built,” said Christensen.

Christensen didn’t play on varsity during his freshman year like co-captain junior Kyle Murphy did. He started out on the freshman team and each year moved up.

Being a leader of the basketball team comes with a responsibility according to Christensen. “You’re responsible for everyone’s actions on the team, not just your own.” Christensen understands that it’s more about the team than the individual, and has recently started coming off the bench for Murphy.

With a record of 2-9, the AHS basketball team hasn’t played at the level they have wanted to, but Christensen believes they can turn it around. “We’ve been struggling at the beginning, but we’ve been working some stuff out at practice and we’re getting better every day,” he said.

Although the team has been struggling, Christensen believes there are some positive things that shouldn’t go unnoticed. He said his senior teammates Josh Ribeiro and Ricky Gutierrez have really stood out this season with great individual games.

Another positive for AHS to take away from the season is the many underclassmen gaining experience. AHS currently has three sophmores playing in the team’s varsity rotation: Jake Dunkley, Lucas Boucicaut, and Andrew Millikan. Christensen believes the team will be theirs one day, but they are really helping varsity out right now by taking key roles.

Christensen’s advice for underclassmen on the team is, “Keep working your butt off in practice all day and just listen to the coaches.”

Christensen hopes to play football in college. He has been accepted into Framingham State University, but has not yet made a decision.