Getting to Know Angela Treannie


Science Teacher Angela Treannie (Photo by/ Junior Coca)

Science Teacher Angela Treannie
(Photo by/ Junior Coca)

By: Junior Coca

Chemistry and physics teacher Angela Treannie is the newest addition to Attleboro High School (AHS). Raised in Seekonk, Treannie feels very close to home. AHS is already excelling in the science department, and Treannie adds a new element to the table.

Treannie attended Fossil Ridge High School in Forth Worth, Tex., graduating with the class of 1999. She considered herself a jock because she was the only girl on the hockey team.

Continuing her education at Rider University in NJ, she earned her bachelor’s in science majoring in biology and chemistry. She graduated in 2005 but is currently working on her masters in teaching at Bridgewater State University.

Treannie thought of herself as a “nerd” in college and really found her love for the subject. She said, “The depth of science really caught my interest.” She was also previously influenced by her eighth grade science teacher who planted the seed in her.

“I see a lot of pride in the school and I like it,” said Treannie about AHS. She added, “The kids here are interested in the material, which makes teaching a lot more fun and easier.”

Treannie previously worked at Labcorp, a lab in NJ. She worked in the lab testing blood samples for new medications that were being developed. After a couple years of working there she realized that the job didn’t fit her. Co-workers suggested teaching to her.

Treannie enjoys teaching and said, “It’s the best feeling when a student finally understands something; it’s what teachers live for.”

Treannie is not married and lives alone. “You really can’t have a social life when you’re a teacher,” she said. Many people look forward to the weekend, not her. Most of her time is spent on grading piles of paper and organizing her work for the day.

“Traveling around broke the shy shell,” said Treannie and was positive that changed her life in big ways.

Her best advice for students is, “See your teacher as a resource. Don’t bank on class time to understand material.”