Oculus movie poster (Picture from/http://www.impawards.com/2014/oculus_ver2_xlg.html)

Oculus movie poster
(Picture from/http://www.impawards.com/2014/oculus_ver2_xlg.html)

By: Marissa Dias

Premiering last April 11, Oculus thrilled its way through theaters across the country. Based on the 2005 short film, Oculus: Chapter 3- the Man with the Plan, Oculus collected $44 million at the box offices.

The two plotlines covering an eleven year span are told simultaneously. Things take place in both the present and 11 years prior. The twisted story opens with Tim Russell (Brenton Thwaites) being released from years of extensive therapy after supernatural events occurred 11 years earlier that severely affected his mental state.

Strange things happen such as unnatural deaths of plants and animals and both of Tim’s parents becoming mentally unstable. The newly released Tim meets with his older sister Kaylie (Karen Gillen) outside of the facility. She tries to convince him to keep a childhood promise made so many years before concerning a manipulative mirror

Kaylie drives Tim back to their childhood home intending to destroy the mirror that tore their family apart.

Flashbacks to Tim and Kaylie’s childhood uncover secrets that answer questions brought up in the beginning of the movie, such as what the mirror does and how it possesses the family.

As the film plays out, many random and equally horrifying acts are caused by the mirror. Kaylie has set up timers and cameras to face whatever the mirror has in store for her and her brother.

Unfortunately, one traumatizing action results in fatal problems for the duo. The film wraps up with a predictable, but thrilling closing scene, causing viewers to squirm from the inside out.

Oculus presents continuous “on the edge of your seat” suspense and thrills, deserving four out of five stars. Because of the intriguing plot and supernatural details, Oculus will leave viewers hungry for more throughout the entirety of the film.

Both films were directed by Mike Flanagan. Oculus is rated R and 103 minutes long.