Giving Back Through Math



 Math teacher Sarah Faulkner (Photo taken by/Sydney West)

Math teacher Sarah Faulkner
(Photo taken by/Sydney West)

By: Sydney West

Math enthusiast and teacher Sarah Faulkner decided to return to Attleboro in hopes of giving back to the community and the school system that helped her find her love of mathematics. This love led her to become a teacher herself.

“I’ve always had a desire to help people,” said Faulkner. Even as a student, she enjoyed math and statistics, so she chose to become a high school teacher.

Faulkner said that if she had not become a teacher she would picture herself “working in biostatistics in a medical setting and doing research.”

Before she came to AHS, she worked at different schools, including Durfee High School in Fall River and William H. Galvin Middle School in Canton.

Like many people, if she were to die tomorrow, she said she would have regrets that would include “not getting to see more of the world, learning about more cultures, and not knowing who won [the television show] Big Brother.”

However, she does believe that a life, no matter its length, is worth living if it is filled with time spent with loved ones and “doing activities that you enjoy that push you to become a better human being.”

When time travel is made possible, she’d enjoy visiting the early 1950s of England. “[I’ve always had a] fascination with both royalty and Queen Elizabeth II,” Faulkner said.

The only thing she dislikes about teaching math is “when students complain that they are not good at math.” She has a strong desire to assist those who need help, which leads her to want to help any student become better at math in any way she is capable of doing.

Faulkner hopes that any student who wishes to pursue a mathematical career will do so.

She attended Simmons College in Boston for her undergraduate and masters degrees. During and after college she experienced high praise from her employers for going into a math career because companies are always searching for people with a mathematical background.

Many people wish they had superhuman powers, if Faulkner could have any super power; she would want to be able to simply snap her fingers and have a task be done. Yet, unlike many people, she would rather be a lonely genius than a socially accepted idiot.