OPINION: Ten Mile River

The Ten Mile River (Photo/ Samantha Tingue)

The Ten Mile River (Photo/ Samantha Tingue)

By: Samantha Tingue

On Monday, April 14, 2014, the Gateway City Parks Program granted the city of Attleboro $300,000 in order to redesign the highly polluted Ten Mile River at Wall Street, in efforts to enhance the city.

I feel that it is wonderful for our city to fix up the highly polluted Ten Mile River. However, why not use that $300, 000 on something more beneficial to our community and future generations?

Don’t get me wrong; helping our environment, starting with improving the River, is a great way for the community to help preserve the world and nature’s beauty. On the other hand, I feel that with the amount of budget cuts going on in our education system, a portion of that $300,000 should be given to specific educational systems or organizations.

The efforts to beautify the River and community may be a substantial economic boost for the City of Attleboro; however, society should focus more on improving the future leaders of this country, starting with our academic systems.

Focusing on our educational systems and increasing the funds available to schools will help to guide students to become great leaders and individuals, who will help improve the world and community down the road.

The way I see it, if society is able to focus on our children, the leaders of the future, then our environment will thrive in return.