The Truth About Forever

Book cover (Photo/Charlotte Stanley)

Book cover (Photo/Charlotte Stanley)

By: Charlotte Stanley

Published on May 11, 2004 by Sarah Dessen, The Truth about Forever is a novel about a teenage girl, Macy, who lost her father and then isolated herself from society.

Macy liked to control everything, while Wes, a boy she meets, is the complete opposite. He lets everything happen and deals with it as it happens. He had also lost his mother, so they have something in common.

Macy and Wes work together at a catering company called Wish Catering, which is where they meet. Wes’s family owns the company, and are a fun, loving and chaotic crew.

The two help each other through hard times.

They would play a game called “The Truth Game,” and ask each other questions, which they have to answer truthfully. If they couldn’t answer the question truthfully, they said “pass.”

The game helped them learn many things about each other, and it brought them closer. Truth becomes the overall theme of the book, as everything in the story somehow relates back to the game.

They learned all of each others’ fears, dreams and goals. Macy was afraid of letting down her boyfriend Justin who was away at camp. While Wes was afraid of not being successful in what he loved.

She wanted high SAT scores and he wanted people to appreciate his passion. He dreamed of owning his own business and she wanted to attend a good college.

Macy grew to love the whole “Wish” crew. They taught her many things, such as how to dress and do her make-up. Delia, Wes’s aunt, who owned the Wish Company, taught Macy not to stress about little things. She believed life was too short not to enjoy it. The Wish Catering Company showed her that there was more to life than just school and books.

The Truth about Forever deserves five out of five stars for its amazing story that keeps the reader wondering what’s going to happen next.