School’s Out…Almost


Clipart of a School Closed For the Summer. (

By: Samantha Tingue

Burgers are grilling, the playgrounds are filled with laughter, and swimming pools are crowded with teens and splashes of water. Ahh… summer is finally here and school is almost out, but not quite yet.

Schools are almost out for the summer with the last day of school approaching, June 26. AHS students are especially eager to break out their bathing suits and sunscreen, and enjoy their summer vacation away from the school books.

However, in between all the fun activities planned for the summer, students should consider finding a way to become involved in their community. While preparing to enjoy the couple of months of sunny happiness, there are many activities available in order to give back to Attleboro.

Below are some events and community service opportunities to check out during the summer.

  • Sturdy Memorial Hospital: Junior Volunteering
  • 211 Park Street, Attleboro, Mass. 02703
  • (508)-222-5200
  • Mowing the lawn for the elderly
  • YMCA Lifeguard and other Volunteer Opportunities
  • Downtown Branch
  • 63 North Main Street, Attleboro, Mass. 02703
  • (508)-222-7422
  • Pleasant Street Branch
  • 537 Pleasant Street, Attleboro, Mass. 02703
  • (508)-226-7700
  • Friends of Attleboro Animal Shelter

o   27 Pond Street, Attleboro, Mass. 02703

o   (508)-761-5617

Check out for many more fun opportunities, such as volunteering at the local zoo and make a difference in your community.