By: Giovanni CarcamoSenior Pic

Ms. Mariah Carey is back in the game! The 44 year old singer is releasing her fourteenth studio album. There are mixed feelings towards the piece of musical art.

Carey has kept everybody on their toes since rumors of the album began swirling around at least two years ago. Favorably, Carey had the smart move of releasing little bits here and there.

Top hits like “Beautiful,” “You’re Mine,” and “The Art of Letting Go,” are great songs that differ from each other. “Letting Go” is a ballad, “Beautiful” is a summer jam, and “Mine” is a R&B swirl. The album may have the potential of being a commercial hit.

The latest two released songs from the album, “Thirsty,” and “You Don’t Know What To Do,” are top songs for me, but not every fan agrees according to YouTube comments on the audio videos of her songs.

Some feel that Carey’s vocals have just been worn down, and that the songbird can not pull through like she has before. As a dedicated fan, I have seen Mimi’s transition of vocal abilities, from the power and huskiness of her early work, to her whisper and concentrated high notes now in her later work.

What everybody has to remember is that Carey not only explored new vocal ranges but also different musical genres, since she would like to be seen as not only a great vocalist but also a great re-mixer of her own music. I predict that the album, which debuted on May 27, is a mix of everything that Mariah has learned.

Some fans want the album to be like the “ballad Mariah,” which has gained her respect and listeners, and I very much appreciate that side of her. But, others also would like more of the diva Mariah, which is the more hip-hop and R&B. This album is filled with club bangers and some relatable heart filled ballads.

As far as I can tell, Carey put her all into this, and will at least try to make a balance of her old and new music.

With this balance, the album should do very well. I do not expect another, “The Emancipation of Mimi,” (come back) but I do know this — Mariah Carey cannot make bad music. She has come too far and has learned too much to do so.

I cannot wait to buy this album; a super birthday gift for myself.