By: Giovanni CarcamoSenior Pic

After traveling to Puerto Rico, Chile and Europe I have concluded how very important it is for Americans to know another language. Unfortunately for me, I am not bilingual, but wish I could at least have a simple conversation in Spanish.

There are many benefits to knowing another language. Besides understanding directions or ordering at a restaurant, it just helps to have a peaceful conversation with locals and help represent your country.

Any traveler interrupting or already able to speak the country’s language receives respect from the residents in that country, because they appreciate the effort. There are new ways to become bilingual today; people no longer need a school teacher or to take a simple high school course.

In today’s world many people can buy Rosetta Stone language tapes, which have lessons to help people learn a new language, they can watch music videos or television shows, even YouTube videos have language teaching classes. All contain language skills; it’s just a matter of simply listening and repeating.

The first language that could be attempted is Spanish; it can expand to many languages since it is based on Latin. Even in Italy or Portugal, speaking Spanish helps with communication. Another goal or purpose to learning another language is that it makes it simpler to learn a third language and so on.

So for inspired travelers, who may only know English, know that people in other countries do speak and/or understand English. To make it easier and better for yourself—try to put some effort into learning another language, teach others around you the language. This could lead to a world with fewer boundaries.