By: Rose McDermott-Pinchme

Tumblr is a major social networking site that was founded by David Karp and launched in Feb. 2007. Yahoo purchased Tumblr for $1.1 billion in May of 2013.

It is the sixth most popular social networking site according to eBizMBA. As of Jan. 26 there were 185 million active blogs on Tumblr that produce around 92 million posts every day.

Tumblr has 255 employees that handle technical problems, financial analysis, product design, recruiting, and brand strategy.

The user can decide if they want to post a video, link, quote, photo, or simply just text. There is also an option to chat.

Posts from the people who each user follows appear on a timeline, which is in chronological order, starting from the newest post.

Tumblr uses a graphics interchange format (GIF).  A GIF is an image that is compressed to reduce transfer time and, if animated, will appear to be moving.

Rather than on Facebook, where users commonly engage in messaging and attempt to meet new people, many Tumblr users simply want to share information. Tumblr contains a plethora of amusing pictures and information.

Aside from its humorous posts, Tumblr users often delve into more serious issues such as self-harm, world issues, and news stories.

Tumblr is a popular social network where users can share information or ideas they are passionate about. Art, music, the environment, and feminism are common themes on Tumblr.