Accept Awareness

The header of the survey for assembly information. (Photo/Dakota Mammoli)

The header of the survey for assembly information. (Photo/Dakota Mammoli)

By: Dakota Mammoli

Everyone’s heard the story of the little girl who was picked on at the playground. Then there’s that boy who had to hand over his lunch money to the school bully. However, many high school students think that those are just stories or suddenly stopped with the new millennium.

Team Up, BRAVE, Project Unite, and the GSA are holding an assembly to disband that belief.

The truth is, bullying does happen. Senior Charlotte Kerwin, organizer of the assembly, said, “It’s both a precautionary method and an awareness thing. Cyber bullying mainly happens, and we want them [the students] to know how much their words can hurt.”

BRAVE adviser Mrs. Laura Niedbala, said her personal goal for the assembly is to promote the idea that “universal differences are OK.”

Forensic and biology teacher and adviser of GSA Ms. Deanne Wells-Scott, said she wants students, when they leave the assembly, to “realize that what they say and do matters.” She advises the student population to “think before you say.”

The assembly will be presented to the entire school with two sessions, one for the freshmen and sophomores and one for the juniors and seniors. During the assembly a video with personal stories will be shown, speakers giving both support and their own personal stories will be present, and resources for the various clubs will be given out.

“The plan is to raise everyone up, then just shoot them down. But then at the end, say ‘Wait, there’s hope,” said Kerwin.

Niedbala said, “Kids have worked really hard to relate to the student body and promote awareness.” Bullying is occurring, the world isn’t all sunshine and daisies and the assembly is meant to show that while still encouraging students to look for the light at the end of the tunnel.

The speakers want to promote how the school can be made more inclusionary. Kerwin said, adding, “Some kids are going to walk away and laugh. That always happens.” She, and everyone else who is part of the assembly, just want the students to be aware of their actions and consequences. The hope is that the majority of students will walk away with that awareness.

This assembly was a product of Kerwin’s hard work to organize the members of Project Unite, Team Up, the GSA, and BRAVE who banded together and produced a whole group effort.