Class of 2016 Papa Gino’s Fundraiser

Sign advertising the fundraiser. (Photo/Hunter Wain)

Sign advertising the fundraiser. (Photo/Hunter Wain)

By: Hunter Wain

Tonight, the 2016 Class Council will hold a fundraiser at Papa Gino’s on 103 Pleasant Street.

Anyone who orders from Papa Gino’s between 4-9 p.m. will participate in this fundraiser because 20 percent of their total will go to the Class of 2016.

The class council is raising funds to help support their class in order to help decrease the cost of events such as the senior prom.

Other events include dodge ball, which is now held twice a year. A recent canning at Dunkin’ Donuts raised $287.

“By doing these events we’re helping support our class in so many ways,” said sophomore Abbey McGrath.

The council tries to create fun events to raise money. “It’s a way for not only our class but also the school to be able to help each other out and make events really enjoyable for everyone,” said sophomore Laura Shedd.

The Papa Gino’s event is an incentive for students to help their class. “This money is going to our class to help make fun and vital events like prom and graduation less expensive and affordable so everyone can participate,” said sophomore Julianne Braza.

In order for 20 percent of the total bill to go to the class of 2016, a flyer must be given to the cashier or delivery driver. Flyers are in the student activities’ office or can be picked up in Room 347.