What About the Sophomores?

March calendar (Photo/Kylie Levine)

March calendar (Photo/Kylie Levine)

By: Kylie Levine

Incoming freshmen assume that they can just get by “under the radar” for their first three years of high school by not working to the best of their ability, and thinking that their senior year is the only important and stressful one.

“Personally, I believe sophomore and senior years are equal in importance. Though, I am only a sophomore, I saw my older sister go through her senior year and yes, it’s stressful, but not as stressful as most people may think,” said sophomore Frederica Badoe.

There are big decisions to make in twelfth grade like what colleges to apply to but that year is not the only one to worry about.

Sophomore year is only the second year of high school, thus most students think it’s not that important, but it actually plays a major role for success in the future.

During tenth grade every student has to take the MCAS, which consists of a long composition, open responses and multiple choice questions. The MCAS scores students earn are key to them being offered scholarships for instate schools.The MCAS is a graduation requirement; therefore it should be taken seriously.

“Oh, I take the MCAS really seriously. I need that scholarship,” said sophomore Sara Nasah.

Not only do sophomores have the MCAS, but the week after the ELA MCAS is trimester two finals’ week. So not only do they have to worry about MCAS, but they also have to study for finals in their five classes.  MCAS alone is stressful but having finals on top of that is just overwhelming.

Sophomore Brianna Lacoste said the MCAS is stressful “because they give us one big test and then we don’t get enough review days for the other tests that follow.”

“We need to pass all these tests plus have all this pressure put on us from our parents,” said sophomore Catriana Martins.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! [It’s stressful.] After I’m done with MCAS I think yay, it’s all over! When, in reality I have finals right around the corner,” said sophomore Christian Randall.

Sophomore Alexandra Whiting said, “It’s hard to study for finals when I’m worried about how I’m going to do on the MCAS.” She added, “Testing two weeks in a row literally just fries my brain.”

To sophomores it’s debatable which year is truly the most stressful.